Xbox Live Goes Through Stages of Grief...When You Stop Auto-Pay

Apparently it takes forever to remove Xbox Live's auto-pay feature. Kind of funny, because in doing so, we see Microsoft go through 4 of the 5 stages of grief.

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qface643140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

takes forever? ehm all i did was click on remove auto pay on the website and that was it wasn't that hard
it wasn't always like that though before that it did take forever and was a hassle i dunno if something re changed recently though?

MorganX3140d ago

Come on now. I've been a Gold Member for 3-years (though went on hiatus for 1 to give PS3/PSN a shot).

We know that it's a BS trip through several screens to turn it off. You can quickly turn it on from one screen. To turn it off, most will miss the stealth link which is not underlined. Turning it ON is underlined (sneaky).

Is it hard? No. Does it take forever? It takes longer than it should. Clearly, MS is not trying to make it easy for you to turn of autorenewal. They are a business and it's much better for them if you autorenew. I would probably do the same thing but yeah, it's a littly shady in a capitalistic sense I guess.

Nothing to throw a fit about, just a "gotcha." Guilty as charged, not that big of a deal, but still kinda lounge lizard slimylike. ;>

ImpartialMan3140d ago

paying for something you have already is pretty pathetic.

yes. XBL does not pay for multiplayer dedicated server.

as matter of fact PSN and XBL have same servers for gaming.

they are just charging you for internet twice.

MorganX3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

I could care less about dedicated servers. I pay for the closed service, I prefer the closed community, among other aspects of XBL, to the open free-PSN. There's nothing you can say to change that, just though I'd let you know not everyone looks for or appreciates the same things you do in an online service. To each his own.

tplarkin73140d ago

This is true for all companies. MS isn't the only one that does it. And, it's entirely optional and clearly stated at purchase. (Except for Proactive where they lie to you and you find out you have "subscribed" to a monthly program.)

moparful993140d ago

You claim close community, by that you mean only those that pay to be an xbox live gold member? So it gives you an elitist status? Seriously man there is an abundance of immaturity on both psn and xbox live.. Because you pay it doesn't grant you immunity from these people. You use this elitist mentality to justify your purchase, nothing more...

Persistantthug3140d ago

Then why are you here on N4G?

Shouldn't you be on a paid for web based forum?

Just sayin........if you're gonna act pretentious, shouldn't you at least be consistent about it?

Just sayin.

ImpartialMan3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

yes, you are right. Xbox is a closed service....

but do u realize what closed service means?? lol..

u make it sound like its a good thing... fact that xbox is closed give game devs problems... fact that xbl is closed is why there will never be steam on xbl(unless they make it open sevice)

"XBL is closed so that MS can strictly control the content and charge them as they see fit" Patcher.

Only xbox fanboy makes something bad sounds as if it is good. LOl.

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Blaster_Master3140d ago

They must have rechanged it cause I literally had to call them to do it. Also, I had to make a phone call for them to totally take off my credit card. They do have excellent customer service though, I had used up about 6 months of live, and they gave me a whole year of live so i actually got 6 months for free. But even free didn't change my feelings towards the box. I used to love my xbox , but games have changed over time, and they have been getting worse. I actually prefer my old xbox over a 360 any day.

AutoCad3140d ago

you can remove your card from website.

rogimusprime3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

just "update" your credit card number with invalid information.


Sayai jin3140d ago

Hmmm. I turned my off and switched payment methods for the following year and i was not complicated.

GoldPS33140d ago

When I canceled my XBL I went through the same thing. MS will say anything to keep you. Canceling XBL is one of the best things I did in my life.

Cryptech3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Ya, I wont be renewing. After trying it this year I barely use it. The price hike sealed the deal of not renewing Live. Oh well I wont miss it.

*Just cancelled it. Not to hard. Screw MS and the price hike. My XBOX will now be for single-player only exclusives that I don't want to play on PC.

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