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ZeroTolerance Writes: Microsoft’s Game Feast continues this week with one of the most obscure and addictive titles currently on the system. Super Meat Boy is a puzzle game of sorts that presents you with micro-levels that you must traverse with your square-shaped hero. The premise is simple, but the charm of the design and the addictive “just one more level” mentality make it a perfect candidate for the service. You will die, a lot, but you will always be coming back for more. Every once in a while a title comes along that defines the idea of bite-sized perfection, and Super Meat Boy is this year’s perfect contender.

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Neko_Mega3136d ago

Most 360 games get a good score not matter what, not saying this looks bad.

In fact it looks fun but a 9 out of 10? Maybe 7.5 or something like that but not a 9.

Croash3136d ago

The creator of this game created the Meat Boy concept back in 2008, here's the link to it:

Can be a very interesting and challenging game.

despair3136d ago

just played chapters 1 and 2 out on the link you put up, pretty damn cool game, very addictive, gets pretty hard as you go along,would definitely have trouble in chapter 3 and expert levels. Any idea how much different or longer the XBLA game is to the free flash one? The loose controls make it harder to navigate but adds a new level of difficulty.

OneSneakyMofo3136d ago

But it combines most males favorite things: 2D platformers and meat... If it only he were made of pure bacon, then this game would have straight 10s.

Neko_Mega3136d ago

I don't see why people got to disagree about, as Croash just shown.

You could just play in on Newgrounds, so why does it get a good score now?

lastdual3136d ago

This looks pretty awesome, but I still need to buy Limbo. So many good retail games lately that I've fallen behind on downloadable titles...

JohnApocalypse3136d ago

I am so getting this. This looks like a game that doesn't use allot of memory

Pacman3213136d ago

Wish this was on the PS3...
and Limbo...
Oh well il just get LBP2 and play them on there.