Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam "feels more hardcore"

Gustav Halling, designer at DICE is involved in every aspect of the development of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam. Halling says ”Vietnam feels more hardcore” when discussing the various Battlefields.

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GWAVE3139d ago

Well, Bad Company and Bad Company 2 both "felt more hardcore" than 95% of the console shooters on the market, so this is definitely good news for serious FPS fans.

toaster3139d ago

95% of shooters on consoles are well below "casual." There are a select few that can be considered "hardcore" but even then they fall short of what hardcore is to PC.

evrfighter3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

bc2 would have done much better if the pc crowd were able to unleash its true potential with mod tools.

In the end cod will demolish the bad company franchise across all 3 platforms. Instead gaining a foothold on the pc and starting from there.

EA really missed a chance to let the pc crowd show the console crowd what innovation is but instead opted for some extra bucks.

I hated what IW did to mw2 and am glad they fell apart. But seeing as how I'm given a choice between rehashes. I think I'll take blackops. At least on the pc side Treyarch will be giving us mod tools.

btw. hardcore is not insta-kill knives and regenerating hp. No fps gamers on console know what hardcore is.

DICE simply took on too much and it's showing. I don't have much hope for Battlefield 3 tbh. Especially if it goes multiplat. Battlefield is NOT one attack helo per side and a couple tanks. That kind of fps shouldn't even have the Battlefield name. But that's the kind of Battlefield we'll get if it goes multiplat.

Fishy Fingers3139d ago

Feels to little to late for me. Should of got it out sooner, rather than the rubbish "DLC" they've already given us. DICE were spread to thin between BC2, MOH and BF3.

DelbertGrady3139d ago

First I bought Battlefield 1943 and played it nonstop. Waited for new maps. Nothing ever showed up. Stopped playing it.

Then came BF BC 2. Best MP this gen imo. Played for two months straight. They kept feeding us useless 'modes' instead of new maps. Things that should have been in the game at launch. I waited but never got any new maps, so I stopped playing it and eventually sold it.

MOH isn't remotely as good but since it has new maps and there aren't many other FPS games out that peak my interest I still play it. At least until Fable 3 is out then I'll probably sell it.

What I'm trying to say is that DICE f'ed up with the DLC. They let their game die by not releasing any worthwhile content for it.

Nihilism3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

I don't know why people are disagreeing with you, BFBC2 felt shallow to me, and 90% of the people on these forums who would have killed for that game before launch now say that it is 100% broken. I personally won't be fooled again.


Who wants quality DLC..what ever happened to quality content on disk... The default FOV on day 1 was 55 FFS!!! I had to download a patch to even be able to play the f-ing game. They also lead us to believe we would be getting mod tools...not gonna happen as long as they can charge for skins I'm afraid. I assumed that like previous BF games that modders would be able to mod some offline A.I. Another lie about what the game would be.


Yeah it's messed up, they claim the FOV is vertical based ( aka about 75 horizontal FOV...but I play with all my games with an FOV of 100 and with the config set to 75 which is 110 still feels like other games do at 75 horizontal, like bioshock, the mofo liars >(

toaster3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Hahaha holy shit thats bad man, I usually play with FOV at around 80-90. 55 is ridiculously small.

Comparisons here:


Actually a 90 degree vertical FOV and 100 horizontal would be ideal, but it depends on what monitor you're on. My 1920x1200 makes 100 horizontal look really tiny, sometimes it's hard to see so I dial it back to 90.

sak5003139d ago

When the hell is it out dont want to read the article. Been waiting for console version when first BF was ported to 360.

r0gueZA3139d ago

No date was mentioned :(

murcielago43139d ago

it's either coming out on NOV.2 or NOV.9, if they are competing with BO then thats the date they will probably release it. i don't have proof to go with what i'm saying, but i'm pretty sure that BC2:Vietnam is gonna compete with BO.

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