An Apple-backed Dreamcast 2 would save SEGA

These two entertainment powerhouses should combine to create the ultimate video game system.

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RetroReborn3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

look, the dreamcast was good, but it just wasnt to be, why would sega and apple want to release a console with so much fail attached to the name?, people would excpect it to fail, now another sega console would be good but its just unlikely.

Makidian3143d ago

Yeah, no, never gonna happen and it shouldn't happen, and that's coming from someone who loves their Dreamcast. The market has enough consoles and fanboys without throwing Apple fanboys in it and reigniting some old Sega fans inner fanboy. It's bad enough sifting through the FUD and misinformation, adding another console to that would just kill it.