Unreasonable GamerCast: Episode 15

'TheShape, Velius and EttenCo bring you episode 15 of the Unreasonable GamerCast. They kick off by reviewing the modern warfare classic Black Hawk Down. After that they have nearly 1 hour of what you been playin? EttenCo talks Arkham Asylum and Dragon Age, Velius talks CastleVania his efforts in StarCraft II tournament scene and then Enslaved, and finally TheShape discusses the AC: Brotherhood beta, Medal of Honor Frontline, and regular Medal of Honor.

After that they talk more 3DS Price information, the new Black Ops headset for the Wii, Enslaved and CastleVania’s sales figures, Arc the Lad on PSN, Unreal 3 now being 3D ready, the Black Ops Trailer, the table breaking heartache of GT5’s delay, and the brilliance of a Duke 3D remake.

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