X360 Retail copies of Black Ops stolen, Full Leak Imminent

Today in Alabama a thief took off from a local printing press with a copy of the upcoming game Call of Duty: Black Ops. The game, which is due to be released on november 9th, is currently set to be the biggest entertainment launch in history, outgrossing even Modern Warfare 2.

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MGRogue20174998d ago (Edited 4998d ago )

... The disc looks fake.

Notice that the cd cover is not covering the entire disc..?


It was printed out & stuck on.. obviously... or is that a pic of a whole stack load of discs?? Can't tell.

nickjkl4998d ago (Edited 4998d ago )

the cover never covers the entire disc im looking at my copy of cod4 now and the edges are not covered just like in the picture

also he used a flash which would cause reflections on the cd depemding on whee and how he took the picture

mugoldeneagle034998d ago

Didn't the 360 redesign their discs/boxart like the PS3 did? I don't have a 360, but I thought that's what I read so it might be different compared to COD4, which came out 3 years ago

Active Reload4998d ago

Full Ban Imminent!!! Seriously folks, you're going to get banned and then you'll have to buy another 360. You KNOW its going to happen, so why risk it?

Blackfrican4998d ago

They only ban once a year. A new 360 costs about the same as 3 games. If you buy at least 3 games a year, it becomes cheaper to get a new flashed xbox every year. This also allows you to 'own' every game of every year, play these games early(bigger the game, earlier the leak), and boost xbox360 holiday sales #'s(who doesn't love sales #'s!!!). Some people have morals and take the purchasing route. Others (most people) do whatever benefits themselves, given any opportunity.

ExplosionSauce4998d ago

Lol so true. I'm not risking that with any game.

TheRealWar4998d ago

some people dont care about console bans, the boner they get from all the jealous people on their friends list as they send them invites outweighs the consequences.

pixelsword4997d ago

@ Blackfrican:

You're a bloody genius. I never thought of it quite that way before; I still wouldn't do it, but now I at least understand the method behind the madness.

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GWAVE4998d ago Show
vsr4998d ago

I want to know :-
Single player hours is more than 5 hour. & What's new elements in multiplayer

xAlmostPro4998d ago

so theres a full retail version already?.. maybe they should just release it :L lol i wish

EvilBlackCat4998d ago

you dont have look at the edges to notice... just check the low quality print

check the face area

Crazyglues4998d ago (Edited 4998d ago )

Hence the reason why Activisions JD_2020 -one of the games designers, has been trying to talk to him...

They want to know what store store sold it, or had it stolen from, because their are huge fines if a copy is sold or stolen from the store and is then leaked. (damages from parts of the game being revealed like the ending before the release date)

So they want any info they can find... but talking with a hacker and asking him to give you info is like, Asking a bank robber who got away clean to please go back to the bank and return the money.. (-Pretty Stupid thing to do if you just got away clean)

-When was the last time you heard of something like that happening, the money or stolen item get's returned because he was asked to give it back & please give us info on your friends who might of helped with the robbery... LOL

They must think these hackers are pretty dumb... Good Luck with that one Activision...


EscoBlades4998d ago

JD is a Community Manager, not a designer, lol.

vhero4998d ago

OMG a game is gonna be leaked before launch! This has never happened in the history of gaming before the sales are gonna die! /s

Theonik4998d ago

And so the cycle goes on...

r1sh124998d ago

as much as people are saying its a fake etc..
It caused some concern for Olin, he got involved so there could be some truth in it.
However the disc art gets cut off at the top, when the xbox design starts.
Thats a little strange, but the guy did steal it from the printing press so it may not have been finished.
Most games do not have the entire disc covered because the disc cannot be written to in those areas.
If it gets leaked its not gonna matter, remember last year around this MW2 release time.
How many people got banned?

ASSASSYN 36o4998d ago

Fake lol! It looks very real to me!

NeutralGamer4998d ago

You sink really low when you steal a game from a store...

Downloading is something else.. As long as the original source paid for the game...

But this guy actually stole a physically copy and even brag about it? Thats low

DeathMetal4998d ago (Edited 4998d ago )

your rationalization for downloading stuff is incredibly stupid

Panthers4998d ago

Just because it is easier doesnt make it more just. Like the guy above me said, stealing is stealing. But if thinking that way helps you sleep at night and justifies your actions, then whatever.

ravinash4997d ago (Edited 4997d ago )

Your playing a game you didn't pay for.
It doesn't matter where you got the data from, steal it from the store or downloaded it, your still taking the product and not paying the people who made it.

So what do you call that.

NeutralGamer4993d ago

I'm rationalization for downloading stuff from Bobby Kotick

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deafwing4998d ago

Well what else is new these days?

gaden_malak4998d ago

Real or not, actisatan deserves it. Suck it Kotick.

Kevin ButIer4998d ago

They actually had a delay on the leak... shame on u "leakers"

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MMFGaming4998d ago

Disc looks fake.

Look at the center of it --even if there's light reflecting off of it, there's no reason why a transparent ring should turn bronze like that unless the disc is gold-backed (a popular medium used for pirating DVD games).

outlawlife4998d ago

360 discs have a color changing hologram on that area...it does really odd things in the light

I can't see the full pic because activision removed it but it looks plausible from the thumbnail