Play PSP with a wireless Xbox 360 controller

Jay stopped by the MC forums to let us know that he has found a way to use his Xbox 360 wireless control pad to play games on the PSP. The video shows him playing MediEvil Resurrection with the almighty power of the Xbox 360 controller, a cracking find.

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Jdash244071d ago

ahhh if everyone does this......then there can be a good fps on the psp

and best of all TWO ANALOG STICKS :P

djt234071d ago

lol lol i have to agree with you

The KEN KUTARAGI4070d ago

The PSP screen is WAY TOO BIG... I've been searching for a way to play my PSP from the other side of the room so I'm not overwhelmed by the magnitude of the screen!!
This is awesome!!!

So is SARCASM!!!

P4KY B4071d ago

Hope this is real.

The very moment someone works out how do this on a PS3 i'll buy one.
I have fat fingers and hate the Sony controllers.
The controller is a big reason why i dont have a PS3.

DGodfather4071d ago

You just need to go on a big diet

WafflesID4071d ago

MS didn't even let Red Octane use their wireless technology with the Guitar Hero II controller (and guitar hero III).

I'm skeptical that it can be done without physically altering both the PSP and the controller.

There is a form of hardware encryption with the wireless technology so that 3rd parties can't release unapproved controllers. They want to prevent stuff like the smartjoy frag. They have to license the tech from MS.

I'm pretty sure that Sony isn't going to get that :)

WafflesID4071d ago

Ok, everyone can agree that the D-Pad on the PS1/2/3 is so vastly superior to the piece of crap dpad on the xbox controllers.

There is no argument there. Other than that, I think the Xbox controller is more comfortable. But...GOD that d-pad sucks so bad. Ever since MS released the Sidewinder for the PC many many...many...many moons ago they have been using this style of round directional pads, and for the love of all that is good and holy I can't figure out WHY.

I use dual shock controllers for emulators on the PC for this reason, even though I have the MS wireless controller receiver for windows.

BloodySinner4071d ago

I totally agree with you. The only flaw with the Xbox 360 controller is the d-pad. I can only imagine playing Virtua Fighter 5 with that damn thing.

And if you're wondering who 'Disagreed' with you, that's me. I clicked it by accident, sorry! :-(

BIadestarX4071d ago

I agree I don't like the xbox 360 controller DPad for many games like fighters... and the PS2, PS3, PSP have a better DPad.. but the analog sticks and triggers are way better on the XBox 360.

WafflesID4071d ago

You disagreed with me 3 times?

:) heh

Well at least we know the sony fanboys are lurking :)

Which brings up an interesting conversation. Best controller designs.

N64 really revolutionized things by adding an analog joystick and rumble.

I think the Dual Shock is one of the best designs. Everything since has borrowed from it's overall function. I was a bit disappointed to see that Sony didn't make any major changes with it for the sixaxxis (but thank god they didn't stick with the original boomerang design). But hey, if it ain't broke. I just personally think the xbox feels better (and I too like the trigger design vs the shoulder buttons), but I don't think it performs better (mostly because of the d-pad).

However, with the introduction of the Dual Shock I think you began to see a shift away from casual gamers. The dual shock has just too many buttons for people who don't play video games. The controls just got too complex for people to just pick up and play if you've never played a video game before. Thats why I like GHII and the WII. If we have a get together, I can bring them over and people who aren't into video games can even join in.

And I really like how nintendo started doing the analog joysticks with the gamecube and the wii. The notches for the 8 basic drections are really quite nice.

Mikey_Gee4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

MS has made it VERY HARD to get into the backend of their wireless ways. HOWEVER, if this turns out to be REAL, FPS games may end up back on my PSP after much frustration with one analog stick.

BTW, I though this topic was about the 360 wireless working on the PSP, not who has a better controller.

WafflesID4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

I just pulled out one of my old dual shock 2 controllers.

Now that I really start messing with it, I REALLY prefer the shoulder/trigger buttons on the 360. If I use both my index and middle finger on shoulder buttons on the dual shock I lose too much support from underneath (because the side handles are too thin and only the tips of my fingers are being used to support the controller from underneath). If I use just my index fingers for all 4 shoulder buttons then I have to shift my hands slightly when I press L1 and R1.

Anyhoo, thats just my personal thoughts.

D-Pad still rules on the Dual shock :)


Worse design in history? COLECOVISION! Tarzan was fun on that thing though.

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