Gamesradar: Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – Single-Player Hands-On

Gamesradar: "Tons of new plot and gameplay details revealed in our first extended session with the game"

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Sirhc923136d ago

dude, AWESOME preview article! i also read your "10 Things We Want In AC:B" and i agreed like...99% with it. i actually love playin as Desmond just as much as playing Ezio. and i think Desmond's story is just as interesting as Ezio's. also, i was wondering the SAME THING about what happened to Altair at the end of his Codex diaries. he stated that he was at the end of his days and what would be the harm in ONE LAST LOOK into the Apple of Eden.

i seriously believe that Altair will appear again in the AC universe either being related to some event or PHYSICALLY appearing in the game due to some immortality power that was acquired from the Apple.

anyways, nice post! cant wait to see the review on the actual game when it releases! :D