JoyPads: Top 10 Best RPG Games

"RPG’s, the games that steal hours and hours of our time, yet we want more and more of the same dose. Over the years RPG’s have grown massively. How we interact with other players, choose the right or wrong path of our character’s fate or genuinely being a badass throughout. There have been great RPG games out over the years and some which are plain dreadful and would bring a tear to your eye for there utter disappointment. So here is my top 10 best RPG games."

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gillri3136d ago

ermmmmmmm...........ok 4 or 5 of those maybe, absolutely non from the 90's

MegaMohsi3136d ago

ME1 was more rpg than ME2 IMO

ranmafandude3136d ago

is the only one i actually like on his list.