Assassin's Creed Was Dumbed Down and Lacked Variety, Say Devs

It's always interesting to hear what developers have to say about their games once the hype machine has rolled out of town and they feel they can speak a little more candidly. During a recent visit to Ubisoft Montreal to see Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Patrick Plourde and Vincent Pontbriand, two members of the AC development team, both spoke without a hint of PR bullshit about the original Assassin's Creed.

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Incipio3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

I wish we could get an Assassin's Creed without the city zone restrictions or the annoying futuristic component. Just leave me in the time of Altair or Ezio and flesh the story out just using these time periods. I found myself always rushing through the futuristic components just to get back to the real gameplay.

lastdual3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

While I agree with the unrestricted world, if they simply dropped Desmond's story at this point I would be royally pissed. The way AC2's ending tied back to the present was one of its stronger points.

No FanS Land3140d ago

it was also one of its weaker points. I'm not going to reveal a spoiler but there's an easily spotable time paradox in the ending. I don't know how they are going to patch that loophole but I hope the story doesn't go in the direction I think it could go.

milohighclub3140d ago

the future story is the whole point of assassins creed, and personally i think it would be crap without it. people say they hate the Desmond parts but i play the game just for them. i can't wait til the main focus is playing as Desmond, thats when the series is gonna get really interesting!!!

i wasn't even gonna get this til i found out it continues Desmonds story i thought it was gonna be AC 2.5. even though it kinda is in the sense that your still Ezio.but isn't in sense of size and progression.

SpinalRemains1383140d ago

I can't wait to get through the gameplay parts so that I can get back to the Desmond portion.

TheGameFoxJTV3140d ago

I totally agree with you. It's like the lead up to something entirely awesome. He'll be a new Jason Bourne.

DatNJDom813140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

When AC lost its PS3 exlusivity, then insert title. Although I still found it fun and I love the story, I could just imagine if this was a PS3 exclusive. It is Sony's fault though for launching the PS3 so expensive. Wouldn't have sold well.

Knushwood Butt3140d ago

Yeah, recently beat AC2 and the future sections are tedious. Never played the first game either. Would be much better just to stick to the past.

7/10 from me

Lots of issues.


Nice visuals, music, and atmosphere (when in the past)
Plenty to do


Almost everything else.
Crappy combat
Stupid AI
Tons of padding
Almost zero challenge
Watch cut scene and get a trophy! type stuff
Really frustrating controls with that camera that you must have directly behind you or else you won't jump straight in front of you.
Some cringe worthy 'adult' dialogue (but thankfully not too much)

TheGameFoxJTV3140d ago

Ha, go play GTA and CoD. What the hell do you know?

jarrod19813140d ago

not much apparently. i thought the combat was great, you must not of known how to use it. compared to lots of other games i thought the AI were good and i didnt experience any bugs that bothered me in the least bit.

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xTrueLegendx3140d ago

number 2 was really good almost got a platinum in that one i didn't want to find all the feathers .

UltimateIdiot9113140d ago

That was annoying but felt great when I got that Platinum.

If anything, that was the most annoying trophy out of the whole game.

PS3Freak3140d ago

Imagine how annoyed I was when i FINALLY realized -on the last feather- that in the menu was a feature that showed you which part of each city the feathers were in. I was searching all of Venice for just 1 feather! Got the platinum 10 minutes after that.

Darth_Bane793140d ago

I'm playing that game right now for the first time, I just finished the story mode yesterday so now I'm just working on trophies. So where is that feature?

PS3Freak3140d ago

It's in that weird DNA menu thing. Just got to feathers and it tells you how many you have from each area of each city.

PS3Freak3140d ago

Assassin's Creed was fun for a little while, but then it got really repetitive. I'm glad they added more variety to AC2.

HeavenlySnipes3140d ago

at the beinning of the second game but just got bored after a while and sold the game. they didn't let Ezio explain where/when he found out exactly what to do and where to go.

They took the FFXIII approach with story telling by making the ingame characters know whats going on but they fail to let the player in on the secrets. This was frustarating at the beginning of the game b/c I didn't know why I was going to Venice or where I was taking my sister and mom after Ezio's father and bro died. The story soon afterwards doesn't unfold gradually, it seems to just open up 5 hours into so you know exactly who to kill in the end after a few story levels. (unless everything just changes suddenly...)

I'm not saying the game was bad, I enjoyed searching for the symbols on the sides of buildings that reveal a short vid, and the parkour was again fluid liike in the first game. I just couldn't get into the story. (the side missions where also repetitive and the combat was meh)

TheGameFoxJTV3140d ago

LMAO, they tell you all you need to know in the dialog. Learn to listen more.

ilikestuff3140d ago

when i first heard of this game i thought it was a game based on the band creed and boy was i let down

No FanS Land3140d ago

A game based on a music band? ROFL, surefire way to ruin the band's credibility.

ZombieAssassin3140d ago

You were let down because it wasn't about Creed? LOL, well to each his own I guess but the game good in its own right I played the first AC when it came out and I'm just now playing AC2 to get ready for BrotherHood.

ilikestuff3140d ago

i was kidding, hahahaaahah! anyone remember that aerosmith shooter game? i loved it, i was 6 i think

MGRogue20173140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Here's to hoping that the world in AC: Brotherhood is full of lots of stuff to see & do even after finishing the story!

trane073140d ago

Im a little excited and kinda nervous to see how brotherhood will turn out.

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