Sony struggles to meet Playstation Move Demand in Europe

The Sony Playstation Move motion controller is on the market since last month. In Europe the Move controller for the PS3 is apparently a big hit. According to German newspaper Die Welt, Sony has sold already 1.5 million Move controllers in Europe and that the company struggles to keep the controller in stock at retailers.

Sony has already upped the production capacity for the Move controller. A quick check shows that it is not that difficult to find a Playstation Move controller in stock. Amazon UK has even a sale on the Playstation Move Starter Pack with 17% savings. The supply situation seems to be more tight in Germany. Amazon DE has mostly 3rd party offers for the Playstation Move accessories.

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blackburn52920d ago

Wow. Looks like Sony underestimated Move's popularity. Sony you should have more confidence in your hardware. It was always the best and still is. You don't even need celebrates to tell us how good Move is. We already know.

RetroReborn2920d ago

i have to admit, the move is shit hot, i still cant get over how precise it is, they definatly done a bang up job.

nix2920d ago

i took the game to my office.. and they all went ape shit! they were all amazed! and they kept asking "do you have a shooting game?" obviously, i didn't except that Resident Evil 5 (which is still a pain in the ass because of it's 'stand and shoot' mechanism.)

jneul2920d ago

no with re5 you can be lazy and play it on the couch as long as you point your move at the camera to start with you are fine!!

ImpartialMan2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

lol. sale below expectation my ass.

nix2920d ago

@jneul: yeah... that part is fine. and no body aches! he he he...

but i wish it was as 'quick' as Uncharted games.. you know. at least i should be able to run n gun.

vsr2920d ago

What will happen to $150 kinect in USA ?

DatNJDom812919d ago

I think kinect will sell great in america. americans love their defective products, hence 360 being in first place.

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SIX2920d ago

Can't find stand alone controllers here in Canada either. Some starter bundles left and like a billion sub controllers lol.

ABizzel12920d ago

My guess is 3 million worldwide by the end of October which isn't even the holiday season and it's the same goal MS set for Kinect. MS should be able to do the same since it'll be holiday 2010 by then.

4Sh0w2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Well its sort of strange, I would expect a motion control accessory to have similiar sales results regardless of the region, sort of like the wii, I don't recall it selling well in Euro but low in the US or vice versa, at times it was up big in Japan depending on a big wii release but it seems move is doing quite a bit better in Euro compared to America if you believe Pachter and signs like sony not announcing sales numbers after NPD, maybe under 500k in the US I believe was the estimate. Thats actually not that bad though for a new peripheral.

I know Pachter's a terrible psychic but he generally is pretty good at analyzing sales data after the fact so with him saying moves sales at least in the US didn't meet expectations its seems a bit iffy to me but then again sony's most likely considering every individual move controller as a "unit" sold, which makes sense from their point of view since each controller is actually another sale but you'd think at least a significant percentage of those 1.5mil are 1 customer buying a 2nd controller for 1 household. Well either way hopefully both move and kinect will be successful, healthy competition is good for gamers.

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btk2920d ago

I don't think Sony underestimated the demand. Looking at the sales it looks asif they launched with at least a 2 million initial shipment while ramping up production for the holiday season. The lack of advertising was intentional as they are still ramping up production. Expect lots of advertising middle November onwards.

Christopher2920d ago

The question is why they undercut the U.S. market by so much. Only half a million in first few weeks and they just now started getting some extra stock, whereas Europe had enough to supply 1.5m total sales.

ECM0NEY2920d ago

Because we are FPS lovers and Sony knows this. I dont have a single friend picking up Move or Kinect.

SuperM2920d ago

First of all there are more PS3s in europe so naturally it will sell more in europe. Secondly, sonys motion control games and sonys more casual games have always been popular in europe. Not so much in the US.

EasilyTheBest2920d ago

..they are holding back stock like Microsoft are doing with Kinect tho right?

Christopher2920d ago

I wouldn't put it past them. In fact, they may be holding back until they start their partnership with Coca Cola and whomever else they will be working with to promote Move.

Also, note how Kinect will now be partnered with Pepsi for similar advertisement. I feel really sorry for Sony. They were so proud to get the partnership and then Microsoft goes and does that plus the rest of the partnerships included in their half a billion dollar advertising plans for this Holiday season. Sony doesn't stand a chance.

Lyr1c2920d ago

Man....I feel bad for Sony too.....They have so many exclusives set to release in 2011...How can they stand pulling in all that money?

They should be ashamed......Tree killers....Making all that paper.....

RememberThe3572920d ago

MS is going to spend half a billion to sell what they expect to be 3 million Kinect units for holiday season. Sony is already on track to do that with much less advertising.

I wouldn't give Sony any pity, they know what they're doing.

aaron58292920d ago

they dont grow on trees.

gtamike2920d ago

paper comes from trees lol

Lyr1c2920d ago

Good way to make me feel stupid....Jerk-face :x

metsgaming2920d ago

Also they dont even get a game with the starter bundle, imagine how much more they could sell if they had the sports champions bundle. Europe has been a big market for the ps3 i dont understand why they wouldnt take full advantage by giving them the bundle the US gets. Europe would apprectiate it more imo but marketing they need to give deals to lesser markets to raise sales in that region.

Ilikegames762920d ago

not wasting their money on advertising in order to give us more awesome games. I still scratch my head how one company could spend $500 Million on advertising to fool the public on some hardware that was already done on the other console.

ElementX2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

So people believe Sony but when MS says demand is really high, it's false? Also, I'm not sure I truly believe 1.5 million have been sold. There are no official numbers for much of Europe, so it's basically hearsay.

jidery2920d ago

Sony has had no record of lieing since E3 2005, where as Microsoft and Aaron Greenburg lie every day.

Skynetone2920d ago

youll soon have your all singing, all dancing all lagging, piece of kinect soon

ElementX2920d ago

I own 360 and PS3. I will be buying Move next year when some good titles are available. I have no intention of buyhing Kinect at this point.

Apotheosize2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

I totally agree, Move selling around 500k was good for me, then they came out and said 1.5 million sold in Europe alone as well? That seems very fishy to me. I dont entirely doubt the numbers..but no one on N4G thought it would be at 2 million already, not even fanboys. Remember all the "slow burn" talk, the low spending Move on ads VS half a billion on Kinect, etc.. Who knows.. if it really is that high then colour me impressed. Sorcery will be all the better.

SuperM2920d ago

So since the highly educated people of N4G didnt expect it to be at 2 million then it has to be fishy right?

Apotheosize2920d ago

No not at all, I was just giving an example on how even die-hard fans never even thought it would sell 1.5million. Low ad spending, "word of mouth - try it and youll like it" was PS Moves strategy. They probably are counting indivudal move controllers sold, for games where it requires two perhaps?

Weaksauce11382920d ago

The demand for supported games maybe, I see them struggling

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