PS3 - It's Mine...Hands Off!

Kevin Durawa writes: "A friend of mine recently asked if he could borrow my PlayStation 3 while I went out of town. My only reaction: "Hell to the no!"

There's some things you just don't do in life. One of those things is lending out your precious PS3.

If you own a PS3 - you know what I'm talking about. Can you imagine the horrible things that could happen to your cell processor when it falls into the wrong hands?

I shudder at the thought."

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XxZxX3140d ago

only in mother russia

EvilBlackCat3140d ago

a group of kids licking their god PS3 in n4g

same shit every day

moparful993140d ago

Wonder why you are a prestigious memeber of the one bubble club? /S

TotalPS3Fanboy3139d ago

have proven that licking PS3 in N4G is good for your health. LOL.

However, no experiements have ever proven that smoking is bad for your health.

Seemly off-topic, but if you really think about it, it's not.

Troll_Police3140d ago

Never ever touch a black man's PS3.

Crazyglues3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

If some one even cough's on my PS3, they better start thinking about buying me a new one.... LoL... -:)


TekoIie3140d ago

If anyone so much as walks into the same room as my PS3 they'd better start thinking about buying me a new one..... yes i would definatly go that far :)

jwk943140d ago

That shit gets really annoying.

jwk943140d ago

stupid people disagreeing with me.

Tuxmask553140d ago

Why's it gotta be black?

moparful993140d ago

It's a spoof of the movie rush hour with jackie chan and chris tucker... "You never touch a black man's radio"

niceguywii603140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Sony needs to get rid of that angry jackass before he puts Sony out of the console market. No one wants to see some angry clown forcing you to buy PS products, people already think the PS base is angry enough. Sony should have spent more time showing games built from the ground up for Move then patching traditional games with Move support and desperately attacking Kinect(PR and E3)

MajestieBeast3140d ago

That time of the month again? Seriously sony doesnt even need to attack kinnect cause its doing it fine on its own with pew pew pew fps.

djfullshred3140d ago

LOL, sounds like you are the angry one.

raztad3140d ago

What is niceguywii60 talking about?

bustamove3140d ago

I sense some serious anger issues here.

JoeReno3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Sounds like niceguywii360 is the friend that wasnt allowed to borrow the writters ps3, and is still bent about it.

bviperz3140d ago

How ironic...

*rolls eyes*

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gameforall3140d ago

comes to mind, in regards to giving my PS3 to some "so called friend". And if they where friends they will own their own.

Rtard THE HD VERSION3140d ago

This is funny stuff but i fails to see how can this be posted as news on NEWS 4 Gamer.

Its just some rants about someone pointing the obvious that some "people" need to wake up.

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The story is too old to be commented.