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N4PS3G3142d ago

They forgot to add "Timed" before exclusive.

Cloudberry3142d ago

The 500 million for Kinect's advertising & now this. :o

Wonder who's got more green, Microsoft / Activision, lol...

InfectedDK3142d ago

Yea with all the PS3 exclusives incoming they need to do something..

Lifendz3142d ago

Guess I'll just get a 3 month subscription to plus, download all the Fallout 3 DLC, and wait for a GOTY edition of new vegas or cop it used. Way to fragment your audience Bethesda.

36T3142d ago

LMAO @ Infected! Suuuuuuure buddy. Once again your precious PS3 exclusives will have no impact at all. BUT, the Move is going to own all this holiday season! ;)

Winter47th3142d ago

Announcing DLCs before the game's even shipped turns me off.

Tapewurm3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

I play most games on the PS3 and some on PC... I have yet to finish all of the DLC from FallOut by the time I pick this game up the "exclusive(timed)" DLC should already be out for the PS3....too many PS3 exclusives to look forward to ...this will have to take a back seat for a while....the exclusives I am referring to are Gran Turismo 5, The Last Guardian, HD remakes of Ico & Shadow of the Colossus, Socom 4, Killzone 3, Infamous 2, Resistance 3, various Move only titles like The Shoot, The Fight Lights Out and Sorcery ... should be enough to keep me busy....not to mention the semi, exclusive titles like Dead Space 2 with the Extraction portion for Move and even Medal of Honor with it's PS3 exclusive HD remake of Front Line.....will gladly wait to play the "exclusive(timed)" content :) What will the other folks be looking forward to while they are waiting after finishing this early accessed content?

vsr3142d ago

But money > customer satisfaction

Extra gain for bethesda. Extra loss for a customer. No full game

rroded3142d ago

unplayable glitch fest b happy sure a lot of ps3 owners might snub this at release now n wait for the goy edition but i jus hope its playable.

Infernostew3142d ago

It's lame and all but we all know this DLC is actually coming to PS3 this time. After all the problems they had with the Fallout 3 DLC bugs, I'll be more than happy to let 360 owners beta test this stuff out for me.

pangitkqb3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Timed exclusive DLC is stupid idea. It doesn't influence me to buy a game on a different format than whatever I was planning to buy on originally, it just makes me less willing to buy the DLC in general. I'm typically a Bethesda fan, but this is disappointing. I'm getting F:NV on PC, btw.

Anyway, I am certainly looking forward to more Fallout.

tacosRcool3142d ago

Definitely not a day one purchase for me. Guess I'll be waiting for the GOTY release like a year later like I did with Fallout 3. Still a buy though but not anytime soon.

SaiyanFury3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Yeah, big surprise. I'll just do what I did with Fallout 3: wait for the GOTY Edition with all of the DLC included on the disc. I made the mistake with Oblivion on PS3. I bought the game the day it was released then got screwed for 30 bucks for The Shivering Isles. I did buy it only cause I love the game so much. I'm not falling for Bethesda's tricks more than once. Bring on Fallout: New Vegas! Next year. I'll get the GOTY version. And hopefully this time, Bethesda will actually beta test the DLC so it doesn't lock my game up 6 times in two hours (I've seen it actually freeze that often).

Christopher3142d ago

@everyone who says they'll do what they did with the first and wait for the GotY edition on PS3.

You do know this is likely why they maintain the exclusivity. It's kind of self-propagating, but if they see people on the 360 buy up their DLC quickly and not do the same on the PS3, it only encourages them to continue to favor the winning horse.

tordavis3142d ago

The butt-hurt bandits strike again.

Lifendz3142d ago

Butt hurt bandits? TorDavis calling anyone butthurt is comical in and of itself. Don't you have a podcast to record about how blu-ray isn't necessary?

ico923142d ago

whether the ps3 version sells more than the 360 version or not the point is there still gonna get sales out of it, so its completley pointless for a 3rd party multiplat dev dlc exclusive to one console, we've seen this with MW2, GTA4, and well ...Fallout 3, this so called "Exclusive" DLC's future on the ps3 is inevitable

fuckoffodion3142d ago

Exactly!! He's one of the biggest cry baby on this site. I bet he's still butt hurt blu-ray beat HD-DVD.

Sony3603142d ago Show
Red_Orange_Juice3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

I'm not going to buy 4, 5 or 6 DLC's this time, I'll wait for GOTy release and trade in my old copy.

Kurt Russell3141d ago

My intentions were to buy this on xbox anyway, good news for me ;) The DLC would have probably been out for months by the time I get round to finishing the main game, just like F3 anyway.

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JsonHenry3142d ago

I'm still getting it for PC.

Fishy Fingers3142d ago

MOD support is worth more than a little early DLC.

toaster3142d ago

lol The mods will keep the game up and running long after console gamers get tired of PAYING for new content.

JsonHenry3142d ago

Actually, I should have said "I still own it for PC". It is sitting pre-loaded in my games library on STEAM waiting for it to "unlock" itself tomorrow.

NegativeCreepWA3142d ago

Same here played Fallout 3 on the 360, but now that have a gaming rig I want to try out some mods. Plus I finally hooked my PC up to my TV and surround sound for this game. I really want the dlc though right away though.

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AliTheBrit193142d ago ShowReplies(5)
Qui-Gon Jim3142d ago

It just says that it's coming to XBox 360, never that it's coming EXCLUSIVELY to XBox 360. This could very well be like when Microsoft advertised GTA IV "for XBox 360". Microsoft may have made a deal with Bethesda to make the announcement themselves making it APPEAR to be exclusive.

I would have to see the original press release, but from all of those links, it appears that the word "exclusive" is never used. PR departments are very good at stratching things to make them appear like more than they are. It's what they do.

Blacktric3142d ago

Well then I'm cancelling my PS3 version preorder now. I was going to buy PS3 first then 360 but I don't want to wait for a couple of months more to play the DLC. This seriously sucks for me though.

Christopher3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Exactly what Microsoft wants you to do.

@blacktric: Sorry, didn't mean to be negative, but just saying that your decision is exactly why Microsoft makes these deals.

Blacktric3142d ago

Yeah but unfortunately I don't want to wait 5-6 months to play the DLC on my PS3. The press release on Bethesda's website ( ) says that it'll be exclusive to the 360 and no mentioning of PC. So I'm just gonna buy it for the 360 for now.

Blacktric3142d ago

Oh, don't worry about it because you are right. But as I said, I loved Fallout 3 but since I started playing it like months after launch, I didn't want to buy all of the DLC's so I just waited a couple of months and got the GOTY edition for Xbox 360. Now, since I now how awesome the game will be, I just want to have the best experience (in terms of content). But I might buy the PS3 version just for the heck of it, if the DLC's are also coming for the PC (which is very likely).

Sony3603142d ago

You won't have to wait at all because the PS3 isn't getting it.

It doesn't say "timed" exclusive anywhere.

Swiftfox3142d ago

The origanl post to these replies was correct, I don't see a quote from either company that uses the word "exclusive". That word is used soley by the writers of the artical.

The only way to know is if we in fact get our hands on the full press release or read the contract between Microsoft and Bethesda. The one that either binds Bethesda into makeing DLC content exclusively for the Xbox 360 or the one that states Bethesda is allowing Microsoft access to exclusive rights to sell and advertise for pre-detirmind amount of time.

Jsynn73142d ago

The DLC for Fallout 3 and GTAIV was never tagged as "timed" exclusives and we saw how that turned out. Things that are "timed" are usually not revealed until much later.

Nice try though...

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tacosRcool3142d ago

Also this is another reason why 360 games sell more than PS3 games even if they are both multiplatform. What a way for Microsoft to deceive people into thinking that multiplatform games are superior on the 360 because of all the sales.

kwicksandz3142d ago

except 90% of the time multis actually are better on 360? not sure what your point is

Kurt Russell3141d ago

Call me deceived but I concur with kwicksanz.

ocnkng3141d ago

of the first couple of years, the multi-platform games in PS3 are not really inferior to the ones in 360. Most of the so called differences boil down to a handful of frame rate dips, loading times bordering on a few seconds and so on. These issues never make a difference to the player experience and serve only as fanboy flame wars and as hits to sites like Digital Foundry IGN head2head etc.
If you think about it there is a growing number of games which have so called 'superior' versions on the PS3, however in the end most of these differences are extremely minor and subjective to a large degree.
The real reason multi-platforms sell more is because the 360 has a bigger user base in NA and particularly a huge chunk of the shooter crowd are 360 owners.

thematrix12983142d ago

Developers are lazy now in days. They reuse their engine for like 3-4 releases. Pretty stupid, no innovation at all. All they think about money money money! This game and Assasin's Creed Brotherhood both should be a DLC for the main game.

mugoldeneagle033142d ago

If the PS Plus update tomorrow is the same as the EU one, I'll finally get my hands on all of the Fallout 3 DLC I've been waiting for (but not willing to pay $50 for) on top of New Vegas

By the time I'm through with both of them, I'm sure this will be no longer exclusive.

Solid plan if you ask me :)

phatak3142d ago

thats the thing. whatever its fair for both sies. But i think its still a + for sony as they have permanent exclussive content like joker in batman, re5 with move, nba 2k11 with 3d and move, dantes inferno divine edition with soundtrack, map and something else i forget, red dead redemption costume, ufc excluisve fighter, medal of honor with frontline, and soon to be dead space 2 with extraction, portal with steamworks and mortal combat with 3d

Sony3603142d ago

It's not really timed, so no you and the 81 people who agreed with you.

bustamove3142d ago

Oh great Microsoft. Spend money on DLC that's coming to the PS3 one way or another!

Wow, just wow.

vhero3141d ago

Aren't Bethesda just the publishers this way round though so Obsidian should be announcing this since they made the game? Thus will be releasing any expansions? Obviously Then Obsidian are making for all 3 and Bethesda have made a deal to temp release on 360 only but you think Obsidian are gonna be happy about this?? I doubt it as they hired them as publishers only I am seriously clueless as to why you need a publisher for DLC??

TheFreak3141d ago

man this pisses me off. I am a ps360 owner that was going to buy this on ps3, but now I am considering not buying the game at all. Games that are released on multiple platforms should be equal. One version should not get more content then the other. This is LAME, LAME as hell FU bethesda money grabbing assholes. Make the game 360 exclusive instead of this shite.

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Garnett3142d ago

Too bad its not on GWFL, gonna have to sit this one out.

toaster3142d ago

WHAT? You actually LIKE GFWL? What the fffuuuuu.....

I've never met ANYONE who has liked Microsft's GFWL service.

El_Colombiano3142d ago

Successful troll is successful.

Garnett3142d ago

Yes i like GFWL because it has achievements, real ones not shitty STEAM achievements that aren't even linked together.

Hands Up For Games3142d ago

Coming to Xbox exclusively this Fall.

*And all other platforms 6 months later*

BabyTownFrolics3142d ago

and a multiconsole owner I know which version I'll be getting. I know timed dlc exclusivity annoys the hell out of some folks but whatever its the nature of this generation and I got my bases fairly covered for these sorts of shenanigans.

visualb3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

its sad but true. more power to you.

I'll be smarter than anyone here. I'm going to wait for the GoTY edition of NV which will include ALL the €60 worth of DLC for the same price.

oh, and @ everyone " hah everyone will have finished the game by then"

good for them. I'm going to get Batman AA this year, I'm a year late. Shame on me?
seriously, the only people that care about this crap are achivement/trophy whores, and they aren't gamer's

Trebius3142d ago

You're absolutely right ... I still havent picked up Batman, or Ratchet CIT, or Assassin's Creed 2, theres a few games ive been waiting to get. I dont care if i play Fallout NV a year after release, the GOTY edition is all I need.

BlackTar1873142d ago

Im a trophy whore and achievement whore. I have been playong games since Calicovision(excuse the spelling) so are you saying im not a gmaer? I hope not because i would be interested to see if you consider your self more a gamer then i am because i like trophies/achievements.

sorry but that was a dump post to say such a thing. I have more videgames then i can count some 20yrs old or more(guessing) but i have friends who have been friends with over 20yrs who are the same way as me and to say there not gamers to is extremely reckless and uninformed.

Sorry i dont take offense to you i take offense to what you said.

Kurt Russell3141d ago

I've gamed since the Amstrad CPC 464... Sadly almost 30 now and yet to grow up from it. I too am an achievement whore... before that it was speed runs and high scores I see no difference.

Visual is way off the mark, and probably has a lot less gaming experience than the best of us.

Concur sauce over BlackTar187's chest and balls!

plb3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

So it looks like PS3 users are getting the same treatment we got with FO3. Bug fest and no DLC until a few months later. I guess I'll pass on this game now. BTW, check out the developer session on playstation blog...

"We’re not really going into specifics on DLC, but we have a plan, and we think it’s a good one. You should hear more about it soon."

What a tool, yeah great plan!

velcry3142d ago

Step 1: get money up front for exclusivity to Xbox.

Step 2: watch PS fanboys rage about not getting DLC, hype / desirability meter goes up.

Step 3: release "exclusive" dlc for PS3 in a SHOCK announcement, ps3 fanboys buy the DLC in droves

Step 4: release Ultimate / Complete / GOTY editions for both Xbox and PS3, watch people buy these versions instead of buying them piecemeal since its cheaper

HECK it's a BLOODY good plan.

dc13142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Your point would have been more excepted/’well taken’ if you replaced "PS fanboys" with PS3 owners. .... as a future reference :)

My console of choice is the PS3. As such, I will be picking up FONV for the PS3 on the 19th.
I can’t begrudge Bethesda for taking the money. However, I do wonder how many PS3 owners will fold on the purchase because of the 'time exclusive' DLC.

seann3142d ago

this game wont win any game of the year awards. i dont think many sites will even imply it.

bananlol3142d ago

All Bethesta games are buggy as hell on release, if you cant take it wait for the goty version.

CaptainMarvelQ83142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Microsoft are at it again
they should buy studios instead of spending money on timed Exclusives, seriously,it's like their only intention is to steal fans from the competition with this,no matter how
but it'll backfire on them in the end

Strikepackage Bravo3142d ago

So you would prefer they go around buying up all the studios EA style instead of buying DLC?

You do realize if they bought the studios you would not get the content or the game on PS3 right?

Both Sony and MS seek to steal fans from each other why is it only evil when MS does it, further more, this is not an attempt to steal fans, this is an attempt to get people who dont own a console yet, to buy the 360 because it always seems to be the console that gets the DLC first. Not likely anyone is going to sell their PS3 to go buy a 360 because of this.

If it were Sony doing this you hypocrites would be praising them for getting you the good content first. But instead it always seems to be MS trying to give its users the best experience all around.

bananlol3142d ago

There is a severe difference between a exclusive and exclusive dlc. Exclusives are great because they let developers focus on a single platform. This dlc crap is basically saying that those who bought the game on a different platform are somehow not worthy getting the option to expand their experience. However its not microsoft that is evil by doing this, its just buisness for them, Its bethesta thats selling out half their fans!

TheRealist21023142d ago

Plus bubbs.

Strike you got pwnd.

Anyway....GOTY edition is..

Sez 3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

I agree with what your saying. And the same should be said about EA and it's exclusive content for DS2 and MoH for ps3 owners. Pc/360 owner should also get frontline and extraction for buying the game also.

BlackTar1873142d ago

have you ever made a post that says you disagree with anything your favorite company does? Please ref. unles you cant find it cuz it happen 10yrs ago