10 Gaming Sins Part 2

Games 4 Guys writes: Recently Games 4 Guys featured the Top 10 Gaming Sins. To keep that list manageable it was limited to the first 10 on an ever growing list. This is Part 2. People are coming up with creative ways to sin in games all the time. We have been watching and we have been making a list, much like Santa Claus, every time somebody does something to or in a game that is faux pas.

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bgrundman3141d ago

I hate it when I have to use a control that has the nasty nerd sweat on it. Good call on the not cleaning the controllers.

SA1NTofKILLERS3141d ago

"Sex equivalent: Two words, yeast infection." Bahahah

So true, I tend to forget this at times, need to keep up on cleaning them.

DaBadGuy3140d ago

I've got one:

21. Using a t-shirt to clean discs

The Situation: You leave a game sitting out and it gets dusty or you leave fingerprints on the disc from handling it and so you use your t-shirt to clean off the disc so it will read.

Why it's a sin: T-shirts aren't cleaning cloths and could scratch the disc. Odds are that your shirt also has enough body sweat to quench the thirst of a pygmy, so all you are really doing is further smudging the disc while rubbing your putrid body oils into the data.

Sex equivalent: With no towel or other cloth in sight, you use your t-shirt to wipe the disgusting leavings of the mediocre sex you just had with the girl who only wanted to be your freind and was hesitant to let you take her virginity and is now doomed to live a life of regret knowing you were her first.

We're all guilty of this sin. Say 5 Hail Miyamotos and repent.

Hail Miyamoto, full of wisdom.
Our Love is with thee.
Blessed art thou among games,
and blessed is the fruit of thy seed,
Holy Miyamoto, Father of Kong,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our game over.

YoungKingDoran3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

damn i dont know whether to agree or disagree with that prayer

amrasmord3140d ago

Don't use "Sex equivalents". It makes us all look immature and perverted...

jimsondanet3140d ago

I agree, which is bizarre considering im completely immature and perverted.
Just goes to show I geuss.