Netflix app for PS3 will give the Xbox 360 a much needed break

Conflicting Gamers, "If you have both an XBox 360 and a PS3 like a few of us here at Conflicting Gamers, when sitting down to watch some instant streaming on Netflix you undoubtedly used the XBox, it was just easier. With Halo Reach out for a month now and the wife watching her shows on Netflix, my XBox 360 has been working double time, some night’s even triple time between movie streaming and late night gaming."

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Blaster_Master2923d ago

I already gave my 360 a break when I sold it for another ps3.

8-bit2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

I thought next year's 360 exclusive lineup would give the old box a break.

On topic, I downloaded the app today and it's sweet. I love the new layout and the fact that I can send and receive messages on PSN without pausing the content!

ImpartialMan2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

next years 360.

only game coming out?? Gears 3 nov 2011. The game was delayed because of a "business" reason. in another word, MS did not want to get embarrassed for not having any exclusives during holiday season.

till then u got kinect. Lol.

jjacinto232923d ago

I was trying to use the move if it is working but idk about the nav but highly it will work too just like the dualshock

IHateYouFanboys2923d ago

"I thought next year's 360 exclusive lineup would give the old box a break."

kinda like how the PS3 exclusive lineup this year gave pretty much everyones PS3 a break.

i still have to laugh at people that think that just because Microsoft hasnt announced games for next year that there arent any lol. Sony announce games 3 years in advance, Microsoft announce them 6-12 months in advance. this has always been how they do it. theyll announce 2-3 big exclusives at E3 next year for a holiday 2011 release, and a few more before then.

TotalPS3Fanboy2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

already gave the 360 enough breaks already.

Now, PS3 Apps are breaking 360s too? That's just awesome! The power of the Cell to remotely break 360s.

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fromasterjay2923d ago

so you sold your 360 for ANOTHER ps3? ya....that's intelligent. Did you sell your Wii for a ps3 and your car for a ps3 as well?

Mr_Bun2923d ago

I sold my 360 for a second PS3 as well. Not only was it intelligent, but a no brainer since I wasn't using my 360 for anything except to watch movies. Now I have the PS3 slim in my living room and my old fat in my office.

Hades13372923d ago

"Not only was it intelligent"


antz11042923d ago

How is your comment any different from the first, yet reversed and you got a lower agree rating? Shows you how biased this site is sometimes.

Oh and trading your 360 in to have a ps3 in two different rooms is not intelligent, you've just cheated yourself out of good exclusives.

Mr_Bun2923d ago

I'll admit that I am missing out on Halo:Reach, but 1 good exclusive a year isn't worth it. As for the 2 PS3s, I have a wife and a child....I don't always have control over the TV in the living room. I guess based on your logic, your family/friends only own 1 TV and 1 car. I don't know household that has less than 2 of each.

Syronicus2923d ago

It was the best thing I couldnhave done. Having two PS3's is great since they double as games and media devices. As for netflix, I have been using the disc since they released it and have not had a hard time with it. Now with the new app, it just gets even better. No yearly fee for Live either!

antz11042923d ago

@Mr Bun
No, based on my logic you went from being a multiplatform house to a single (consoles mind you, computers don't count here)forgoing the possiblility of playing future xbox exclusives unless you go out and buy another 360. You can't tell me no good games are going to come out on it in the future. So instead of just moving the system, you went out and bought a duplicate. Conversely to your argument I honestly don't know anyone that owns two of the same system.

Mr_Bun2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

I won't say that the 360 won't have any more decent exclusives, but I got tired of waiting. This year's E3 was the final straw. MS said "Look how amazing Kinect is"...gamers said "that's great, but what about non-kinect games?" to which MS replied "Look how amazing Kinect is".

You can be pissed off all you want that I traded in your console of choice, but like I said, by the end of this summer I was only using it to watch movies. The PSN store in Canada finally added the movie rental service which made the 360 obsolete in my house.

As for owning 2 of each, I was referring to Televisions/Cars....not identical consoles.

Ju2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

I got 3 of them. Well, got two kids.

Got tired of them fighting - and me waiting while watching them.

asyouburn2923d ago

i have 3 ps3's in my house, one i bought at launch (60g), one my wife bought me when the slims came out (500g) and one i bought her (120g), and only one 360

dc12923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

For the record, we (My wife, Kid(s)and I) have three as well.
My wife (bed room): Blueray movies, Heavy rain/Flower etc.., Hulu and Netflix (now no desk).
My Kids (They (older son)wanted to trade in the wii): Gaming, Network Movie streaming and Netflix.
Me: Gaming and all of the above. Trust me,.. it helps .

I may pick up the box for Fable 3. However, I was never into Halo and was never compelled to reinvest. I am pleased that the Slim is a far more reliable than its predecessor.

Cerberus21252923d ago

I gave my 360 to my nephew,I have my PS3,I got a Wii for the kids and an other PS3 for the wife and kids,if you don't have a family of gamers there is no way you can value having more than one of the same console,but for those with a gaming family,the wife and kids come first,and when you can't play at all because the want to play their games,having more then one console becomes a priority.

dc12923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Wise man.
... and this has nothing to do with your (or anyone else’s) console of choice.

+plus bubs for keeping family argument free!!!

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OneSneakyMofo2923d ago

My 360 gave itself a break... literally :(

shazui1232923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

LOL you sure are one sneaky mofo

trevonn952923d ago

u got me on the floor crying bubbles to you my friend

harrysmith2923d ago

I just use my Xbox360 4 chatting and everything else i do on my Ps3

2923d ago
JUDALATION2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Even if its flawed as hell. Firstly the only reason the XBOX 360 verson was diskless was xbox payed for timed exclusivity for netflix... and netflix went around it by requiring a disk. Typical microsoft bullshit buying off anyone they can to bring down the competition. Any low down dirty trick they can get for timed exclusives they shell out millions to the dismay of their shareholders and fanbase alike.

Meanwhile the Ps3 has the best all around service and customer satisfaction... its nice to know that the ps3 has been spending their cash on new tec and supporting their developers to creat top noch exclusives... GT5, MAG, GOD OF WAR, KILLZONE, RESISTANCE,SOCOM, SORCERY, DC UNIVERSE, FF VERSUS, LBP, TWISTED METAL, LAST GAURDIAN, KUNG FU LIVE, AGENT,MOTERSTORM APOCO, TALES, YAKUZA, TIME CRYSIS,DEAD NACTION, AND UNCHARTED, all are just some of the exclusives coming up in the next year and a half... and what does the XboX have to play? Halo XXX and GEARS XXX, all with no dedicated servers, while all the ps3 exclusives have servers. I think I know why ps3 users hate the XBOX, but why do XBOX users hate the PS3 SO MUCH?

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niceguywii602923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Lets wait for the 360 dashboard update before we start milking this small so called victory over the 360.


What I said offended you? I'll give you a reason to be offended.

Troll police says:
"Why are Xbox fanboys in here?"

Did you read the article? I found this in the 360 section.

Lord Gunchrote2923d ago

I'm really tired of seeing you on PS3 posts. You're like an ingrown toe nail.

ASSASSYN 36o2923d ago

It is in the 360 section. Read before commenting.

2923d ago
Lyr1c2923d ago

It's hilarious how one-sided people are this gen.

(Warning: Intense Irony)
Rules of the hypocritical xbots:

1)Ignore the first 3 years the consoles were released. The "PS3 is doomed" articles were pure myth.

2)My opinion is the only one that matters. Accept it, or don't have an opinion.

3)The PS3 has no games. We have Halo.

4)Insomniac left Sony because the PS3 sucks. Bungie left MS because MS has 343.

5)Sony fanboys are all children. I'm going to play xbox live with Johnny1998 and Mark2000. They're real gamers.

6)Xbox Live is better because we pay for it.

7)Screw servers. We have cross-game chat. Hearing everyone curse at eachother is so realistic when playing Gears of War.

8)The EyeToy sucked. Kinect is REVOLUTIONARY.

9)Move sold 2 Mil in a month? Pathetic! Kinect sold 3 Mil before Christmas? TAKE THAT SONY!

10)Who cares if Sony has 12 exclusives next year? We have multiplatforms. We automatically win.

WildArmed2923d ago


Because since the PS3 Netflix got Search feature, I've been using the PS3 only for netflix.

The search feature will come to the 360 in the next dashboard update.
Then I can spread my netflix love evenly.

maniacmayhem2923d ago

Is probably the single best thing to come out this gen. Now...if only Netflix would stram some quality titles it would be even more impressive.

Even though I did have an italian horror movie weekend thanks to Netflix.

Watched The Church, Opera and New York Ripper. All crappy but good gore.

Christopher2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

You can also get Netflix on your iPhone now *continues to watch Sherlock Homes' Smarter Brother*

And you don't have to pay anything extra for it like Hulu+.

PooEgg2923d ago

I agree, I love Netflix but it has so few good movies available to watch instantly. It is great that they added a search function but it would be better if they also added a way to remove titles that you have no interest in. I hate scrolling through piles of the same crappy movies every time I am searching for the one or two decent shows to watch.

mricecreamman2923d ago

hahahaha i knew this day would come. i love my netflix on my ps3 even more now!

sparta762923d ago

Off topic; but how do u download the app?