Critical Gamer LittleBigInterview: GruntosUK (Sackometry Wars)

Critical Gamer writes: With nothing more than a little mopping up left to do from our Eurogamer Expo coverage, we continue our focus on the unsung stars of the LittleBigPlanet 2 beta; the community creators. Today: GruntosUK.

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scruffy_bear2925d ago

This looks brilliant, LBP 2 is going to be awesome, what will they come up with next.

Steve_02924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Something to blow minds:
Just think of all the unbelievable music levels and any levels in LBP1 displaying logic (such as the LittleBigCalculator), these were completely unsupported idea's but the community found a way. In LBP2, just as a small example both these features are supported and streamlined so that any person could use them, and they can be compressed down to be nigh invisible. Just imagine what people will be able to do with this, Direct control, Paintinator, Camera control, Sackbots, various sackboy behaviors (gravity, etc), competition... Absolutely ridiculous.

Edit: I dont mean Paintinator, what's that new one where people are able to emit anything?

IDesertFoxI2925d ago

Good interview. It amazes me what the LBP communtiy can do. I should really look into number 2, the original LBP completely passed me by.

scruffy_bear2925d ago

LBP was brilliant and LBP 2 looks like it's going to be GOTY

Steve_02924d ago

I missed the orignal as although I was hyped when it came out, I wasn't sure that I'd have access to online, and the price where I could get it was almost $100!
I'm actually still thinking of getting the GOTY edition, especially if I can find it cheap. Want to play through the original levels, and also it comes with a bunch of DLC thats compatible with LBP2. If I can get it for $30 I'm sold, even if LBP2 is only a few months away. It's a great game to have in your collection.

Cloudberry2925d ago

Sackometry Wars, nice one, lol. XD

I'm waiting for someone to recreate Super Sackdust HD / Wipesack XL.

Pidgeridoo2925d ago

I am so excited about LBP! Hope it is as good as the first one!!

Mondayding2925d ago

Am I the only person in the world who thought Geometry Wars was toss?

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