Player Affinity: Super Meat Boy Review

Jon Jamrog wrote: "The whole “Your princess is in another castle” stigma is hardly revolutionary. Yet after all these years it still perfectly fits as a way to propel our hero from level to level. It's simple, but it's perfect. At it's core, Super Meat Boy has a pretty simple premise. Meat Boy must make his way through various traps and dangers in order to save his girlfriend Bandage Girl. The evil Dr Fetus has stolen her away and it's up to Meat Boy to save the day. It's nothing new, but it works."

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RobertMF3135d ago

Can't say I'm much of a glutton for punishment, but it's nice to see indie games like this carving out their own niche. Hope it does well, and I might still pick it up to play as Tim from Braid.

Invadersims3135d ago

I might pick this one up for the title alone. It definitely isn't new, but, like you said, it works.