Review Medal of Honor (BitPunch)

BP writes: "Medal of Honor seemed to have a lot going for it from the beginning. What it set out to do was simple enough; start by rebooting a familiar franchise, set it in a real world country with real world events and places, and retain some of the best multiplayer developers around to keep gamers invested. Medal of Honor compiles all of this together, but the final product lacks a compelling story and multiplayer, things which ought to be standard in the first person shooter genre as defined by Call of Duty. Technical issues also abound, with numerous bugs riddling the campaign, bringing the frame rate down to the single digits during frantic moments. MOH could have been something that would force other developers to reassess their gameplay, yet it’s so rooted in familiarity that it feels dated."

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Almost no game deserves a 40/100...

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No game? What the hell are you talking about? Your saying their are no bad games out there?