Vanquish Price Slashed Ahead of Release

It’s not even out until Friday, and already retailers are moving to drastically undercut the RRP of Sega’s upcoming console shooter Vanquish.

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toaster3140d ago

Anticipating low sales I see.. a lot of people got turned off of the fact that the campaign is short. More incentive to buy, rather than rent which is what most people would do.

ABizzel13140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Honestly this is a good move. It's going to look negative on their part, but if the game truly is 4 hours long then they need to drop the price to that of an XBL or PSN game.

It needs to come out at $20-$40. Ideally $30 would be best.

visualb3140d ago

why are single player games so short now days? what was stopping the dev from making the game last at least 8 hours?

i mean, lazyness? or do they INTEND that you replay the game again and again and which case, add more characters/moders/unlockables/ locations/challengers/ etc...

i mean, tbh, even if its the best 4 hours in the world...its still 4 hours =/ you could finish it in a day

YoungKingDoran3140d ago

well demons souls is a game where the true experience relies on the player having a few playthroughs- trying different things, getting new items, new locations.
when i think about it, its a pretty short game. but im on about my 20th play through.
im hoping vanquish is like that, and going off how many times i played the demo trying to get the best score i could, i am not worried at all.

bakasora3140d ago

Its the X360 limiting the gameplay hour.

Swiftfox3140d ago

For the game Vanquish the intention is to replay it over and over again in attempt to become the fastest you can be at the levels. There will most likely be challenge modes within the game that will set a time to beat similar to the way Mirror's Edge did things.

Mirror's Edge was also slammed for being short though if you got into the time trials you could easily spend more than 15 hours with the game.

Some games like Vanquish or Mirro'r Edge intend to cut the multiplayer in favor of a personal growth for the player. It's up to the player to explore how good he is at the game. Games like Metal of Honor or Call of Duty rely on a strong multiplayer experience to keep the game going. Some people show how good they are by setting the best times some like to get online and frag friends. It's just s a difference in approach.

In truth the game isn't out yet and we are unaware of unlockables/ challenge maps/ different modes/ and the players could always limit themselves with personal challenges. Such as beat the the demo as fast as possible using only the default machine gun, no grenades, no turrents.

There even might be dowloadable content for the game in the form of new costumes new levels, more challenge modes etc.

JsonHenry3140d ago

I was turned off by the demo. I played it, then deleted it with no intention of ever buying or renting it.

tacosRcool3140d ago

Played the demo and not fun so I guess why some retailers might be kinda scared and just lowered the price to move all the units that they have

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kasasensei3140d ago

That's obviously not a good sign...

Neckbear3140d ago

Although these are pretty good deals, TBH.

ClownBelt3140d ago

4 hours of gaming, and cut in price before release Lmao

I know this game will be a disaster.

perfectCarbonara3140d ago

Lets see, the game lasts about 4 hours, so it should be like 15-20 euros, max.


being_in_itself3140d ago

Should be slashed - its 4-5 hours long. No matter how awesome an experience it may be, its just too short.

We'll see how long other retailers take to slash it. I don't expect it happening wide-scale very, very fast. I view this more so as some retailers trying to get a leg up on sales against other retailers.

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