Final Fantasy XIII Developers Couldn't Cater To Western Tastes

Kotaku writes "While we'd be hesitant to use the word "failure" in relation to Final Fantasy XIII, "disappointment" works just fine. If only Square had known people outside Japan wouldn't like the game before they released it! Oh, wait. They did"

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wwm0nkey3143d ago

I dont think they could cater to Japanese taste either. FFXIII just wasnt a good game, Versus looks pretty damn good though.

rdgneoz33143d ago

They can cater to Japanese taste, its just that they tried to cater to the west and in turn ended up doing the complete opposite of what people in the west (as well as Japan) wanted.

ExplosionSauce3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

FF and JRPGs already have an audience in the west.
But doing things to appeal to those who are not interested in FF and JRPGs is going to ruin it for those who already like these games for what they are.

(Although many fans will still buy it as long as "Final Fantasy" is in the title)

hay3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

jRPGs are beloved because of the 'j'. I want uncut Yakuza with cultural references, I want typical japanese jokes or standards. If I don't understand at first, I want to learn the culture.
Not all gamers are stereotypical americans: too dumb to understand, too lazy to learn...

vsr3142d ago

because Wrpg sales limited to 3-4 million only. FF13 exeeds that by miles.

Downtown boogey3142d ago

The difference in "tastes" between West and East is just a common contemporary excuse.

INehalemEXI3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

If thats what SE thinks Westerners like it is an insult. Yeah, out here in the West we like our FF with no towns make it ____ more linear....riiiight.

hay3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Don't you know? There are no towns in the west. They wanted to please western fans and that's why the game lacks them. But those darn westerners are so hard to please. /obviously a joke

INehalemEXI3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Globe trotting., World Maps....BS I wana play something straighter then a line at the DMV. Thats some serious RPG. Point A to B, rinse repeat... no pussyfooting around.


ChickeyCantor3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

The linearity wasn't due the western audience, they were trying to get more players in by simplifying the direction you needed to go. So the focus wouldn't be about exploration but rather getting familiar with the RPG elements. FF13 was more trying to INTRODUCE what RPG's are, so they would be ready for FF13vs. I mean do you think its really about the western people, while FF13vs is doing what has been done in the past?

SE just failed

TreMillz3142d ago

Thats the exact reason why they think theyre losing to the west. Go back to your roots, what made your previous games so great? Because of the original taste. Stop trying to see what the west likes. The west likes shooting, picking up ammo and reloading. Your games dont have that. Look at Nier, the JP PS3 version looks so much better, but because SE thinks everyone likes Brute characers like in Gears and has a 360, we all get the 360 version.....Stop thinking so much about the damn west.

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coolfool3143d ago

I think they should forget western tastes. We have plenty of western developers to make western games but the number of people making Japanese games is dwindling. I like Japanese games to be Japanese, it's what gives them the unique feel compared to western games. But maybe I am in the minority here and that most western gamers only like western games and that's why Japanese devs are trying to appeal to them.

Raoh3143d ago

all this lip service.. if you failed dont come back and make excuses.. that only means you knew the product was crap and your telling those that loved your game that they love crap.. you willingly sold crap..

i'd have more respect if you just left the subject alone and came back with a better game..

its like if i beat you up.. and someone mentions it and your response is you slipped.. please stop it..

LiquifiedArt3142d ago

...but I have a different opinion. Coming from someone who saw FF6(FF3us) as the best in franchise history and possibly one of the best games ever created. Most definetly one of the best JRPGs.

My issue with the final fantasy franchise has continued since FF6. Here is a brief history of how in each game following FF6, square has failed in a certain way or has missed the mark of FF6. Final Fantasy has alwasy centered around their character stories and interactions, more so then their actual main plots. Which is great, because it makes it more relatable. Plots usually being cliche', but generally understandable. They usually are star wars-esche plats, with an empire taking over or having too much power etc. The Main story wasn't the sticking point though, it was how you personnaly felt about each adventurer or villian in this world.

Opinionated History of Final Fantasy Failures:
(I do have praise for each game, but i'm going to concentrate on why they fell short of FF6)

FF7: Convoluted Story. Loss of 1 party member in battle.

FF8: Not gaining Gold by killing monsters (salary system). Visual Design more "real-life" less stylized. Characters not particularlly interesting. (ties into visual design)

FF9: Console graphics unable to bring neccessary life into the now "fantasy" world. Suffers from character design issues and lack of interest. Terrible "humor" character. (Quina)

FF10: Loss of Air Ship. Loss of sectioned freedoms. (NO ff game is completely free-roam, which is a good thing, but you lost the section by section freedom you normally have had.) Loss of World Map. (Hurt the realization of the world from a players perspective). Tidus was not interesting and was the first in a long line of whiney, annoying, males with more female attributes then male.

FF12: Character Design Issues and No character diversity. Each character can do and wield anything that they want. Loss of Character Identity.

FF13: Linearity. Character Design issues. Loss of Character Identity.

Do you see pattern?

Their characters have taken a major hit in the last several iterations, along side their partial free-roam gameplay.

Lionalliance3142d ago

I agree with the rest, but how FF9 suffer from character design?
I thought the fantasy setting was fantastic.

Shadowstar3142d ago

One bubble? That's sad.

I agree quite a bit, although I didn't think the story in FF7 was too convoluted. 7 isn't as good as 6 for me either, but I don't think those were the issues. I don't know what the issues were, though... I think maybe I just loved 6 too much for 7 to compare.

Tex1173142d ago

Though I take issue with a few things here and there, overall, this is exactly on point.

Especially your critique of FFX.

phantomexe3142d ago

i liked some of those ff games but yea really your right well said.

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Sweeet3142d ago

If trying to cater to western tastes means using Leona Lewis, a washed out pop star, to sing your main theme and then show lots of videos with her acting like she "gets" and "enjoys" the game, very badly I might's no wonder it flopped in the west with this mentality.

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