It’s Just A Rumour. Sony’s PS4 Not Intel-Based

There's been a bit of rumor speculation over the Internet regarding the use of an Intel CPU. investigates to put the rumors to rest.

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Substance1013137d ago

If an Intel CPU is used backward compatibility will probably be compromised. If an Intel GPU is used it will have a hard time keeping up with the entry level graphics cards on the market today.

Lets hope nothing from Intel is used.

Gue13137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

If they use an Intel GPU it's obvious that is not gonna be one of their crappy integated graphic card accelerators(GMA)... Those don't even have their own set of memmory to properly render graphics, a GMA chip can hardly decode 1080p video on its own. The article's making reference about Intel's larrabee, a new line of GPgpu but I think these are not in development anymore.

And about BC, the only way to have it through hardware is if the PS4 uses a Cell based CPU which is doubtful so the console will need to be pretty powerful to do it through software.

ConanOBrien3137d ago

better stick with IBM.. or AMD

ProjectVulcan3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Using an X86 CPU is unlikely, but possible. The fact of the matter is using off the shelf parts and paying licensing isnt likely to cost more than developing a chip from scratch with another company. Development costs arent free, you have to recoup them too when you build a machine and start selling it. Indeed, according to some reports, CELL development cost sony an incredible 2 billion dollars. In many cases, you would be smart to buy something someone else paid to develop- what do you all think PSP2 is going to use? CELL commercialisation besides PS3 hasnt been great, because its a niche CPU. Its abilities and talents are only applicable to rather narrow scenarios versus a conventional design.

PowerPC has fallen by the wayside in consumer production. X86 has marginalised it, especially looking at Apple's lineup which 5 years ago was all PowerPc and today all X86. Although this 'article' claims it WONT be intel based, there is still a good chance it may have an X86 processor and thus would be.

On the GPU side if nvidia are given the nod for PS4, the bad news is that Nvidia are trailing horribly to AMD when it comes down to performance per watt, performance versus die size and areal efficiency. All of nvidia's current designs rely on the fact their chips are much larger and more expensive to be able to even match AMD graphics architecture. This matters a great deal when it comes to sitting down and discussing the cost of a GPU for a new generation of machines.

To give you an idea, an nvidia GTS450 has a die size of 238mm squared, but the radeon 5770 is a match in performance, yet is only 170mm squared. That gap is enormous, the nvidia chip costs a great deal more to manufacture than the Radeon design, and yet it is no faster. It also shouldnt give you much confidence that nvidia have taken 11 months longer just to get a chip out the door in the same segment as the 5770!

Bottom line, if Microsoft stick with AMD (formerly ati) and sony nvidia, right this second there isnt much doubt in my mind AMD would deliver a better chip for MS, thats faster and still costs less to make than the best nvidia can come up with for a sony machine.

vsr3136d ago

I think sony will keep cell for backward compatibility

Malice-Flare3137d ago

those two prefer to sell chips rather than let clients have modified designs. MS already proved how expensive that was with the original XBox...

duplissi3136d ago

well.... ati IS amd... and the gamecube, wii, and 360 all have ati chips so amd IS used.

lol owned.

HSx93137d ago

honestly who cares about the PS4 right now, that isn't going to come out for another 10 years.

nickjkl3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

lies that is all do you really think the ps3 will be on market for 15 years before the ps4

where an extremely cheap computer will be more powerful than the ps3

visualb3137d ago

you mean another 5 years...

PS3 has been out for 4, so...4/5 more years before PS4

still I agree, quite a while to go. Don't doubt they are already designing it, but we won't hear anything from it for a couple more years for sure

The Meerkat3137d ago

"where an extremely cheap computer will be more powerful than the ps3"

An extremely cheap computer IS already more powerful than the PS3 or an XBox 360 for that matter.

catguykyou3137d ago

You mean a year or two. Expect new consoles within the next 2 years. I know devs do.

Trroy3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Meerkat... only the most expensive CPUs, we're talking > $500 i7s, outperform the Cell.

That's just the CPU required for this "cheap" computer you're imagining.

GPUs, sure, you can best the RSX with a $100 card.. by a little. But then that's another $100. Memory, HDD, so on, so on.

No cheap PC can best the consoles, unless by "cheap" you mean 3-4x as much as the consoles cost.

Trroy3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

@above: Nice links, comparing just the PPE to modern processors, with theoretical numbers that like to pretend that cache misses, and cache sharing, aren't a problem.

How about you break out a real-world performance test -- like [email protected], that actually suffers from things like cache coherency problems on non-Cell CPUs, and take a good look at real world performance.

A Cell design that used the same number of transitors as the i7s that beat it (barely, and only using 6 SPUs, of the 8), like the 4 PPU, 32 SPU design that IBM shelved recently because they wanted to make something even better, would bulldoze any Intel or AMD processor coming for the next 5 years.

duplissi3136d ago

oh... god....
you honestly think that the ps4 isnt right around the corner? is it the fact that the ps3 and ps2 coexist on the market at the same time not an indicator to how the next gen will play out? the ps3 will be supported for 6 or so more years but it most certainly will not be the flagship console for all 6. how many times must this be said?

Dasteru3136d ago

@Chris_TC Those benches you linked to only use the Cells main PPE for calculations, not any of the 7 SPE's. For general purpose processing most modern CPU's are better but for game related processing like AI and physics, Cell has already been proven to be significantly more powerful than even the i7 980x.

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Snakefist303137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

They need to redesign the cell so that game developers cant complain and more RAAM like 4 or 2GB and pleazz give a better graphics card for PS4 so that they cud beat xbox 720 in multiplatforms and in exclusives and also BC so that we cud play PS3 games on PS4!!!

a08andan3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Here is what I think the ps4 will feature:

The Playstation 4 will feature dual, tri or even Quadruple GPU unit. It will be a lot more powerful than previous generation. This will be a necessity due to stereoscopic split-screen that will be a part of the ps4 at launch. It will most likely be a multi-core unit. I expect the video memory to be at least 2 GB.

The processing capabilities will not be increased by the same percentage as the graphic-capabilities. The ps4 will feature an evolved version of the CELL, much more specialized in multi-core processing (parallel processing and what not). Each CELL will be at least a dual-core CELL tnx to a smaller manufacturing process, most likely 28 nm. The clock-speed will not be increased a lot. Will most likely be around 4 Ghz to ensure that they don't risk overheating. Since the developers are in on the development of the ps4 they will be able to take full advantage or nearly at the time the ps4 launch.

I expect the ps4 to feature an greatly upgraded version of Blu-ray. The capacity of the discs will most likely be around 100-500 GB with a reading speed of at least 12x. This mainly depends on what the maximum resolution the ps4 will be. It is very likely to be double that of 1080p. This will be needed, again, to support stereoscopic split-screen at high resolutions.

You will find at least 4x USB 3.0 ports and an upgraded version of bluetooth. The audio outputs will feature support for 11.1 HD surround. I expect it to support at least 7 normal controllers and at least 8 (or 2x4) upgraded versions of Playstation Move. The included hard-drive will be at least 1 TB. This depends on how big the games will be and how much room one average game requires.

It will also support a great number of video, picture and audio formats. The Wifi will be of the latest standards and it will be possible to stream movies, pictures and music from your computer if you buy some sort of Sony dongle thing.

The ps4 will also include a cloud-service, feature Netflix and a lot of other services. I think that the more "buzz" we make about features like this, the more likely it is that we will get those at launch :)

Thats all. For now.. ;)

arjman3137d ago

Really? a quad gpu? when like 5% of pc users have that kind of setup. 2gb of ram sounds reasonable, maybe more if they want 1080p 3d. USB3.0? when thats only just being adopted in the pc market? 11.1 surround? i don't think so, maybe 9.1 at most. 1tb hard drive is way too big, expect that to be around 300-500gb. They will have to keep it cheap to compete otherwise they'll just lose money again

a08andan3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

IF they use a dual, tri, or quad gpu unit it will not be the most expensive obviously. The reason to why I said this is that I believe the CELL-processor would benefit from having two GPU units that are a bit less expensive than having 1 super expensive unit.

As for USB 3.0 there is no reason to not include that since it is backwards-compatible.

And the reason to why I believe that the harddrive till be 1TB is the possibility of playing 2 games at once through stereoscopic split-screen. You fully install 1 game and use the blu-ray drive for the other. Then you and a friend/wife/husband etc can play different games at the same time.

Tnx for responding and not just disagreeing :)

Take a look at Paballos post below if you want to see someone that lists all the most expensive things :D My specs pales in comparison.

arjman3136d ago

Have you seen how expensive it would be to factor in a mobo capable of 4 gpus simultaneously working along with the 4 gpus to go with that. Even two gpus would cost way too much, if you were buying 4 nvidia 9800 gtx's (old i know) and a mobo capable of sli'ing those four gpus you would be running over $300 at least!
Yeah in an ideal world where money is no object i'm sure it would benefit the cell hugely, but the price along with the heat and power consumption makes it unrealistic. USB 3.0 still adds up to the cost, especially when they're trying to cut that down, it's useless for consoles atm.
So you're saying the ps4 should be able to play two different games at the same time in split screen whilst doing all that in ful 3d hd, that's something most modern pc's couldn't even handle! You'd need like two Nvidia Gtx480's or an ATI 5970! that would already put the ps4's price above like $700!
While you're post sounds MEGA AWESOME! I just can't see it happening, the price would be too much :( You should buy a computer or something it looks like you want the best of the best haha :P

Perkel3137d ago

Why would they use Intel based CPU where CELL is still faster than ANY intel processor ?

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DJMarty3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

More than likely CELL based, upgraded one with more SPU's or multiple existing CELL chips shrunk down.

Using CELL would make sense, as they could have hardware PS3 BC, giving a huge library of games from launch.

Sony has put to much into CELL tech to ditch it now. IF they stuck with CELL tech, R & D costs would be alot less, as it's already a mature tech. Tried and tested to work flawless. Also cheap to produce meaning Sony could launch with a reasonable price instead of a high price like this gen.

blackbeld3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

I hope so. Playstation should stay with The Cell. And its good to see developers try to pushing it too the limits. Unlike some Intel based tech their first game is already max out. Aka example Halo and Gears.

jneul3137d ago

They also have more SDK's available to developers making producing games much easier, next time around if they use CELL again it will not be as hard for developers as it was for ps3, because most of them will be educated how to program for the ps3 by then

RememberThe3573137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

"We want to stay in the [console] business, we intend to stay in the business." Not exactly confirmation, but close.

It seems that they have long time plans for the Cell. I'm sure Sony will want a special version in the PS4. But knows maybe Sony will want to push a new tech with the PS4, we'll have to wait and see.

catguykyou3137d ago

We are and will be for a long time.

MisterAV3137d ago

more powerful cell with maybe 2-3 PPU and more SPU, and more memory, a unified 1GB very fast would be the best. And a better GPU, so even developers can't use the cell can develop good graphics

Claous3137d ago

If they do go with cell and do go with BC for the pS3 on the PS4. I only fear that its going to be off the PS3 without BC capabilities meaning no more ps2 and PS1 BC lol.

One step forward two steps back~

(hugs his release day 60gb ps3 )

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Yangus3137d ago

Cool,but Gran Turismo 5 release date?PS4 pff...

jneul3137d ago


RememberThe3573137d ago

You know better to type in all caps.... Come on...

jneul3136d ago

I was talking about going back to x86/x64 silly

Dr-ZOOM3137d ago


jneul3136d ago

Once caps get stuck on, I can't be bothered to change it so go figure

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EpsilonTeam3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

All i want for PS4 to have is a VERY strong GPU (not like the last minute gpu that got from nvidia), 2gb unified system memory and at least 2 cells inside.

Horny Melon3137d ago

it to be a true media center. Which means quality audio outs.

RedDragan3137d ago

Is HDMI not good enough for you? Wow... you must have some sound system. SuperHD 22.1 by anychance? I doubt that!