Diehard GameFAN Review: Get Fit With Mel B

Diehard GameFAN writes: "There are two big problems with most exercise games. The first is that the games are poorly made and actual include exercises that do more harm than good. We saw this with both EA Active and Wii Fit. The games included things like computer generated trainers that demonstrated how to do exercises incorrect, had exercises like running in place or weird jumping things (both of which can cause damage to your knees and ankles and really should be avoided) and were really more snake oil cons sold to naïve dupes that wanted to lose weight or get fit without getting a gym membership (or possibly leave their home)."

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whateva3140d ago

talking about the WiiMote is far better than The PlayStation Move & that no one has the move because it only sold 300K in the US.

Lucario3140d ago

No, he points out (and rather correctly) that the Move controller and the Eye have some connectivity issues the faster a body moves and ESPECIALLY with a series of rapid repetitious actions - an issue the Wiimote doesn't have. Because exercising is a series of rapid actions being repeating, the Wiimote does perform better than Move under these conditions.

And the 300K number is accurate for Move sales in the US. Even Sony has said that Move was a "modest" success.