PAX 2007: Viva Pinata: Party Animals hands on

Game site Destructoid can't stop giggling and drawing hearts all over their binders. Sure, VP:PA will never replace Jordan Catalano in the back of their metaphorical gaming yearbook, but from what they had on display today, it's actually an intensely fun title.

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Mikey_Gee4162d ago

This actually looks like it would be a friggen laugh.

May buy ... price will determine.

Just picked up Viva Pinata NEW for $19.99 (Cdn)

marionz4162d ago

its a must buy for me, even though its not put together by rare its still their game as far as im concerned, and i love anything that rare does!
now bring on banjo kazooie and rares two un-announced games!
im guessing they will be kameo 2 and perfect dark sequel