Medal of Honor vs. Battlefield: Bad Company 2

GamingBuzzNetwork writes: 'This past summer I made a Vs. video comparing the Medal of Honor beta with the Bad Company 2 beta, well now the final product is out for MOH and it deserves one last grudge match. So is Medal of Honor a worthy opponent? A lot people say "their the same game made by the same developer, why differentiate ?" A statement like this is very untrue, they're both made by Dice but these games are complete opposites. This match is only an overview of the online modes for MOH and BC2, I won't be mentioning their campaigns."

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sak5003142d ago

What?? It's like comparing GT5 with mario cart. One is closest sim to war and the other is a joke. I played straight up on hard mode MOH and had to stop at the glitch fest "Manic supression" area. I emptied my clips on the DSHK and nothing happened and kept dying. I thought i must be doing something wrong checked the youtube vids and they showed some people doing is immediately and some have same experience as mine of firing 1000s of bullets at that MG and the guy not pausing at all in his firiing. So after few other forums i found i need to restart the level and if i'm lucky i'll go through, dint happen one time i trid so gave up. Next day i reloaded the level again and this time few bullets and he was surpressed. what a bunch of krap this game. I wish DICE wouldn't have wasted time on this and instead released BF:V earlier and also put more work in BF3.

IMChampion3142d ago

DICE had nothing to do with the SP and I did encounter that bug you talked about too. No biggie dude, either count it as a loss and move on or accept it and enjoy the game. The MP has been fun, no complaints here except for the over abundance of snipers as usual in FPS games these days.

ATi_Elite3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Obviously who ever wrote this article never played Call OF Duty 1 or 2 on the PC as those games felt like war.

Now between BFBC2 and MOH. Why even have a comparison when MOH is not even any good. Single player is on rails and full of glitches. multi-player is a super dumbed down version of BFBC2.

Like everyone else I wish DICE wouldn't have waisted their time with MOH but then again maybe it was free money to better invest in the production of Battlefield 3.

Also these games are Military Shooters. ArmA 2 is The Military Simulator to get.

LinuxGuru3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Bad Company 2 is far superior overall as a respectable military shooter (notice I didn't say simulator...which none of these are) in comparison to MW2 and MOH.

MW2 has no vehicles and crap physics, MoH has very very few vehicles and 2/3rds the frostbite engine.

Bad Company 2 is just more gratifying. Being able to snipe the pilot out of an Apache at a few hundred yards isn't something you'll even have the chance of doing in the other two titles.

Also...if some dude is camping in a house in BC2...why not just take a tank and drive through it? Or throw some C4 in the window and blow up the half of the house that he's in?