Metal Gear Solid: Rising Isn’t The Next “Hideo Kojima” Game

Of late, Hideo Kojima has been tweeting about projects he has in the works again, with some interesting thoughts on game development voiced along the way. Kojima’s most recent tweets are to do with his next major game.

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Chaostar3141d ago

Who thought that it was? I've always seen it as a spin-off even if Hideo Kojima did actually work on the entire project. I'm hoping to see another full Metal Gear title before the end of the gen, multi-platform or not, don't really care I'll buy whatever platform it runs better on.

JokesOnYou3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Maybe I'm wrong but it seems this guy is reading waaay to much into this "tweet", it only says they had a meeting to discuss the next "Hideo Kojima Game", as in planning for the next game his studio will be a part of, I would think any game that has anything to do with "Kojima Productions" will have his seal of approval regardless of how large or small his role is in the actual development of the game.

-oh and btw Kojima also had this to say about MGS Rising:

"I'll be working more deeply on the project then a normal producer," Kojima explained to Japanese magazine Dengeki


Chaostar3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Yeah, I was in no way belittling Metal Gear Rising I'm sure it will be an awesome game in it's own rights.

However the article you linked to kind of contradicts the point I think you're trying to make...

"Hideo Kojima will let "young-bloods" within Kojima Productions do the bulk of the work on MGS Rising, which will retain the stealth espionage core but otherwise be a "new experience".

JokesOnYou3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

The only point that I was trying to make was that while Kojima may be taking a back seat in terms of being directly involved in the development for Rising, he is in fact involved in this game. Just as you point out his team is doing the "bulk" of the work, which agains confirms my original point that he is still involved, he is after all the producer and says out of his own mouth that he will be "more deeply" involved than a normal producer....whatever that means? As for whether or not this is considered a spin-off, I really don't know or care about the label its given, as long as it turns out to be a great game.


Blaze9293140d ago

I'm sure MGS Rising will be an awesome game @JokesOnYou. Dunno why there's so much hate for that game. Actually I do but if I say that a million disagrees will fly in with a potential bubble loss...

Anyway, the game should definitely be awesome. Even has the MGS4 and Peace Walker team working on it:

fishd3140d ago

Rising is the 'Dirge of cerberus' of MGS series

SyphonFilter3140d ago

@blaze- rising is a spinoff,face it.

A Cupcake for Gabe3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

This isn't Snake's Revenge people.

Hideo maybe letting the noobies work the bulk of this game, but I am 99% positive Kojima will ensure the story fits. He wouldn't let anyone ruin the timeline and historical lineage of the series. I honestly expect the only real downfall will be the history of Easter Eggs that are in all the MGS games that are connected to the specs and history with Playstation wont be there caise its multiplat. Or maybe each version gets its own hidden gems. Doubt Raiden gets an iPod on the 360 it? When playing MGS4 is a prime example of how hidden gems are tucked into the hardware.

Have to ask: When did they change the name from MGR to MGS Rising? Adding the solid I interesting. What is Snakes role? I hope the fight between Raiden and Vamp is in this game, but opposite of MGS4 where a cutscene of Snake fighting gheckos plays in the split screen while you fight Vamp. That would be a huge fan tribute in my book.

Anyway, I can't wait to check this game out.

ukilnme3140d ago

@ Blaze929

"I'm sure MGS Rising will be an awesome game @JokesOnYou. Dunno why there's so much hate for that game. Actually I do but if I say that a million disagrees will fly in with a potential bubble loss..."

Allow me to step in and say it. The game is getting all the hate from the Sony Faithful that just can't stand to see the Metal Gear Solid series on anything but a Playstation platform. Even if the game ends up being GOTY, they will still hate on it to no end. This hurts them to their core.

They can take my bubbles, pee in their pants or do whatever it is they do because they know my words are the truth and the truth hurts more when you are unwilling to accept it.

niceguywii603140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Pretty sad the PS3 fanboys attacking the game because it's multi platform playing this childish game based what percentage any given dev had in the development. I'm not sure why the guys with the links are getting disagrees.

Bu Bu Bu it's not a true MGS game lol. It's like saying a certain FF game isn't FF because the game went multi plat with the excuse being different characters being the star and because the game has improved/different/enhanced/ne xtgen gameplay

I find it funny every time Hideo Kojima says he's "jumping in" the development of this game a few short weeks later PS3 fanboys try to erase what was said with BS articles and rubbish fictional truth comments. Kojima said he would be involved months ago. So when people prove fanatics otherwise the game goes to "NOT A REAL MGS GAME" status. Bitter at the 360 running this game at TGS and not the PS

gaden_malak3140d ago

Kojima won't let this game crap. The guy is a perfectionist and even though he will say he isn't happy with it, he will get it up-to-scratch.

Weaksauce11383140d ago

Isn't this just regurgitated info we knew since E3 2009? Personally I'm glad it's just produced by and not an entire Kojima experience. I like to actually PLAY games. Playing a Kojima game is like watching your friend play for hours and hours while in the back of your head your going insane thinking "my turn already!!"

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Imperator3140d ago

Rising is not a true MGS game. Even the director said he wasn't focusing on Story which is one of the main draws of the MGS series. This is just a cheap cash-in on the MGS name.

MachinaMaw3140d ago

Agreed, Kojima please direct your focus towards the next PS3 exclusive MGS title. :)

multipayer3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

I wouldn't sell rising short, the MGS characters could use some branching out into different games and those cutting mechanics look like the best there has ever been.

mac_sparrow3140d ago

I want Rising to be the best hack and slash of the genre, with excellent stealth mixed in.

I want Rising to be an exceptional MGS game.

I want Rising to be game of the year material.

But I also wanted Rising to be canonical.

There's my only major gripe with the game.

HDgamer3140d ago

360 fans thought it was.

stonecold33141d ago

going to be noter metal gear game it would be more likley a ps3 exclusive

XxDeathDoctorxX3141d ago

kojima doesnt make spin offs so its not rising and also he doesnt work on last gen any more like the 360 with its dvd i have never figure out how is the 360 hd it isnt bc it uses upscale to make its games hd y do u think 360 had the hd dvd attachment bc the 360 isnt hd it has to upscale

v1c1ous3140d ago

didn't he make psp....nevermind

HeavenlySnipes3140d ago

is a game about Big Boss isn't it? All the MGS games involve or are mainly about Big Boss/Solid Snake. As far as I know anyway, so I don't believe its a spinoff. Maybe you are refering to the MG Acid games though. Well they wre pretty good so I'll reserve my judgement on MG Spinoffs.

A Cupcake for Gabe3140d ago

Peace Walker is MGS5.

Maybe not officially but Kojima is updating their newest game engine. They wanted to have a new engine for the next line of PS3 games. This was an old article on why the next mGS was a PSP game. I think this new engine on Castlevania/Rising is the multiplat but the one in development is for a possible PS3 ZoE3 or MGS5/6

WiiPS3beats3603141d ago

MGS5.....hopefully only on PS3

Bolts3140d ago

Be prepared for a let down. It'll prolly be MGS: Puzzle Fighter for the iPad or some sort of hand held game.

Considering the fact that it took 4 years to crank out MGS 4 I doubt we be seeing another true MGS game this gen. If they're starting now, it's too late.

HDgamer3140d ago

We saw a true MGS on psp.

wongway3140d ago

I gotta agree with HDgamer, Peacewalker was a "true" MGS

mac_sparrow3140d ago

Peace walker was excellent, both gameplay and story wise.

It slotted into the timeline perfectly.

Lirky3141d ago

Mgs peacewalker (ps3) if its made then itll be intersting i honestly think it would be cool with new gameplay elements + new add-ons.

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