GamePro: The Gamer's Horror Game Guide

A look at 17 reasonably-priced horror video games for every platform worth playing this Halloween with your friends.

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ISKREEM3137d ago

Great list, some crazy urge of mine really makes me want to get my hands on Deadly Premonition.

And just a little FYI, Resident Evil 2 is only $5.99 on PSN.

dgroundwater3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Trust your urges. It's in your coffee.

None of these games are very scary really. Can't speak for Siren, but REmake as part of Archives might be a bit creepy at times.

Venox20083136d ago

Deadly premonition, dead space, bioshock, RE2, RE:make, RE:zero (RE: archives) FTW!! didn't play Amnesia, because my PC sux :/ can't say that all of these games are scary, but freakin' good :) I would include Fatal Frame 1 - 4, Silent Hill 1-3..