Xbox Community Website Gamerpics

This is pretty neat. Up on Xbox LIVE right now is a pack of FREE gamerpics with logos of 8 Xbox community websites. The team is working on getting every Xbox community website have a gamerpic on LIVE, but it might be a while until all the the pics are up, due to the large number of Xbox community sites. The first pack contains the logos of: Gamertag Radio, Gamerscore Blog, Gamercast Network, Achievement Junkie, Podtacular, Sarcastic Gamer, Uncle Gamer, and Video Game Show.

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xCAPTSTONERB91x4162d ago

i want ta see a one :)

coolio564162d ago

this is pretty cool, hopefully they get an xboxnowonline one soon. Really nice of these guys to do this.

Caxtus7504162d ago

i want an N4G one! although i know its not techinically eligble

Thump19674162d ago love to see it