Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood possibly hinting at "Split Screen Multiplayer"

"Everything is true...nothing is permitted". Yes, all the wonderful Assassin's Creed fans and lovers out there all rejoice to the sound metal invading the flesh of a target. Especially when the metal is coming out of the hidden sleeve of one of the greatest centuries old "badasses" of all time. So it's not surprising that the newest Ubisoft installment to the Assassin's Creed franchise is going to be possibly the biggest selling game of the series in history (so far). Plus, the addition of Online Multiplayer to the AC Universe is just making thirsty fans all the more, well, thirstier. So could there be anything more that could excite the fans of the Brotherhood? Sure. Offline Multiplayer...

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TheLeprachaun3141d ago

Pretty please with cherries on top. Too many devs neglecting split screen and guests for online these days.

Hades13373141d ago

Surely it would be the worst type of game to have split-screen, if your mate is a screen-watcher then they would know what you look like.

Solidus187-SCMilk3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

but their could also be a vs. Or online splitscreen.

this guys reasons seem off. I think they could have been on different tvs and still be screen looking.

No Way3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Everyone is a 'peeker' no matter if it's intended or not.
Damn you peripheral vision! >:/ Hah. But, really..

I don't think this mode, if real, would be competitively, more less co-op.
That's the only thing that would make sense.. to me.

Sirhc923141d ago

Yes, it's a POSSIBILITY that they could still be screen looking even on separate televisions, but that would mean that they have setup two (or more) TV screens in one area. While that isn't unlikely, it just seems a little too unnatural to see in someone's home. But your point is still very relevant.

Ether3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

"Everything is true...nothing is permitted"

Oh good grief, please tell me this line was meant to be a joke.

Quagmire3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Its meant to be:

"Nothing is true, everything is permitted."

but of course those who failed high school managed to worm their way into gaming journalism, and couldnt tell their left from their right even if the tried to search it up on google.

Sirhc923140d ago

to this comment has been addressed.

Sirhc923140d ago

Please do not state such ridiculous and immature accusations such as I did not finish high school just because of a simple mix up between words. It could happen to anyone. All you had to do was constructively criticize it, and it would've been corrected as soon as possible. Thank you.

galgor3141d ago

With the way things are these days, any title having splitscreen play is welcome to me. So yeah, if they can they should put it in there.

No Way3141d ago

Some split-screen co-op would be awesome to have.. Allows for good teamwork.
And, even having some system link would be nice. Co-op or competitive modes.

gaminoz3141d ago

I think it would be awesome to include or add: with bots. Yes there could be screen cheats, but with random NPCs killing anyone near them, there could still be big surprises..especially if you aren't paying attention to your own screen.

Besides the 360 has system link. Remember system link???

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The story is too old to be commented.