Bonus Round Ep 410: Call Of Duty Black Ops Trailer Secrets

Behind the Design is a special Bonus Round where we go straight to the developer to talk about their design philosophies, receive their commentary on the trailers they've created, learn about what has hit the cutting room floor and more! What challenges does Treyarch face creating a new Call of Duty? How different is it to work with fictional history rather than World War II? What's this about a Black Market feature in multiplayer that was cut? You asked for us to go behind-the-scenes - and now, we're Behind the Design!

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sdtarm3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Im getting bored of all this CoD BS, stop it plz

i couldnt care less but the main page is getting spammed with it >:(

DarthMoose3136d ago

go somewhere else then, so sound like such a baby

PRHB HYBRiiD3136d ago

take it easy... there are a lot of cod fan on this site and they like all this news...same thing is going to happen with killzone and same thing happened with gt5 so if you don't like cod simply dont click the article.

Evolve3136d ago

alright thanks for reminder

Wii360BeatsPS33136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

B. Multiplayer:

There will be 50 ranks on multiplayer, the prestige is still unknown but there will be more than 14 prestiges.
There are 12 maps on the full game.

Multiplayer Maps:

~ Cracked
~ Crisis
~ Fire range
~ The grid
~ Havana
~ Jungle
~ launch
~ Noob town
~ The summit
~ Villa
~ Radiation

Multiplayer Modes:
Player match:
Team Deathmatch
Free For All
Search And Destroy
Capture the flag

Private match
Wager matches
Combat training
Theater mode

C. Zombies:

The all loved zombie mode is back! and it's the same but more beautiful, you start off as normal with a pistol, everything is the same as WaW, you gain additional money for headshots, after wave 5 dogs will come and attack you, the map you get is kino dertoten there are also 2 more maps that you have to unlock.

There is more to do with single player and stuff but I'm not posting any spoilers.

Narutodemonx3136d ago

they could spend less time compressing and more time polishing up. just saying

bondsmx3136d ago

it says when we come back there is more... is there another episode?

S_C3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Yes But I Doesnt Aired Till The 24th

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