Nintendo Now - Kirby's Epic Yarn Review

Nintendo Now writes:

It's been a long wait, but Kirby has made his return to consoles thanks to the release of Kirby's Epic Yarn. Things have changed quite a bit for our little fluffy hero since we last saw him, though. The traditional platforming of past Kirby games is back, but if you've been keeping track of the game, you'll know that yarn is in the title for good reason. Everything in the game is completely made up of yarn, fabric, and many other crafting materials, and not only does this make the game completely adorable, it allows for some interesting level designs. From looks alone, Kirby's Epic Yarn will immediately wrap you in it's unique world, but there is still a fun game under it all.

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eagle213143d ago

It's lonely in here when the reviews are :)

bananlol3143d ago

Most people that dislike the wii do it because they think it lacks good games. So when a geat game like this gets released dont you think it will get them to hate it less?

eagle213143d ago

I understand. Shame on I'm going to buy this game. :)

Shoko3143d ago

Yep, when a Wii game gets good reviews, there's no haters around. But when it gets even a 7, people come in shoutin "FLOP!"

Lmao, don't get mad that these games are proving you wrong people.

browngamer43142d ago

Yeah i always look at the number of comments posted on a page of a wii review before i actually click on it..the more the comments the lesser the review..and vice versa..screw you haters!!!