NBA 2K11 2 Star Review (GameStooge)

GameStooge is shocked by the number of positive reviews by many videogame sites for NBA 2K11, a broken, buggy mess that should have never been released. Basically, it sucks.

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tayz3143d ago

2K11 is the best! those guys are on crack!

talltony3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

gamestooge fits perfectly. What a bunch of stooges.

JonahFalcon3143d ago

That would imply we are paid by companies to give good reviews. We are not. NBA 2K11 is quite simply ass.

gaden_malak3143d ago

Your site is quite simply ass.

Aren't you the guy who likes doorknobs?

eX-GREED3143d ago

You make it seem as if you're not paid by 2k sports (game companies in general) in order to have a sense of credibility. But FAIL is FAIL. Another FAIL review from a FAIL website. Dude 2k11 is one if not the best basketball game ever. You just need to get good at playing games period.

iceman063143d ago

There is a HUGE leap in difficulty from 2k2 to 2k9...and from 2k9 to 2k11. Sure, the core mechanics are similar, but the game has changed. The AI in ALL games is smoke and mirrors...that's because it is programmed. Sometimes, however, the programming actually achieves the desired effects. The AI in 2K has been known to surge in the end of the 2nd and 4th quarters. However, IF you don't like this surge...change the sliders. Sliders, as those who are dedicated 2K players, really make the game shine for each individual. Some like the sim approach and will tighten EVERY parameter to make the game "realistic". Others, will loosen everything to have the run and gun AND 1 experience. I KNOW there are people who will say...well the game should be playable for everybody when straight out of the box. Sure, but customizable is so much better. Each person can dictate the experience that THEY find fun...instead of trying to find fun within the experience that is provided. Most of your and graphics bugs aside...can be fixed with sliders and some experience with the game. I don't begrudge you your opinion. I just respectfully disagree with 2K11 being a worse game than 2K2 and being mediocre at best (which I am assuming the 2/5 score suggests).

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TreMillz3143d ago

2K11 is the best basketball game this gen and trust me....2K2 wasnt all that thats when the live series was better

Ashby_JC3143d ago

SLIDERS is the KEY!!!

Download some custom sliders from 2kshare and your set.

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HOSe3143d ago

although i havent played 2k11 - all these problems sound as if he was actually playing 2k10. that game was poo

Freshnikes3143d ago

Yes yes yes...this game is play..they pick your player ...think that's bad they pick your team....try to play a rank game with your friends sorry try again can't do it....wanna play a rank game with any1 ...go grab a beer it may b a running the fast break yea you do...well your team doesn't they stop at the 3 point line and admire the gets better passing the ball ...well get used to never ever ever making a bounce doesn't exist in this game...wanna go in a online lobby and talk smack...sorry u can't this game fails...

iceman063143d ago

that can be patched...although I don't have too much faith that they will get it completely correct. As for the rest, it's simply a slider issue. As a 2K player since it came onto the Playstation, that's the one thing that I think Visual Concepts nails. You can have the experience that you WANT. Bounce passing happens...and at mostly the right times...on HIGHER difficulty and when you raise the passing stats in the sliders. Raise your fast breaking slider, that's IN GAME, and they transition will happen better as players will shoot to the hoop as opposed to set up for a half court set. Overrated...possibly...but NO WHERE NEAR the score that this reviewer has stated.

HOSe3143d ago

i wish fifa had this crowd, the crowd in fifa 11 is from the ps2 era

mrcash3143d ago

Best Basketball I have played.

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