8.7 Medal of Honor Review A small group of men who have been part of the Tier 1 acted as consultants for the development of its Medal of Honor and infusing the game their experience and contribution of ideas that make it one of the most authentic experience of combat today. The single player campaign allows you to discover just what it takes to operate as a component of Tier 1, in a compelling and solid story. The short-term leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, and the multiplayer component is not particularly helpful. The latter are a mix of gameplay to Modern Warfare, with its killstreaks, and classroom management of the product says, leaving the player accustomed to both titles a little puzzled. Positive aspect is the immediate right into the game with the pick and play, you log on and play without needing to make a team. Ultimately remains a title with great potential, some not groomed to make it a masterpiece, to be missed for those who love this genre.

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