How did Mario become so famous?

CVG writes: "With his cheery demeanour, podgy belly and luxuriant moustache, Mario is an unlikely candidate for the most enduring game character of all time.

Yet here we are, on the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros' Japanese release, and he's still the image most minds think of when confronted with the word 'videogame'."

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BeOneWithTheGun3142d ago Super Mario Brothers, the arcade game than I have into my 401K as an adult. I had the legs of a sprinter standing in 7-11 for 6 hours straight playing that game!

eagle213142d ago

Because he is the best mofo in the gaming world. :)

Cyrus3653142d ago

Because of the awesome/simple game design turned him into a star.

metsgaming3142d ago

by not changing something that isnt broken ?

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The story is too old to be commented.