Hands-On Preview: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (Multiplayer) - Electronic Theatre

Once the introduction session has begun you are given a total of three targets to assassinate in this area before being able to join a multiplayer match. Also within the start menu it gives you a full list on the amount of point available for each type of kill; 200 points for silent kills, 150 points for focus kills, 100 points per kill just to name a few. Points earned, along with any match bonus given, contribute to the raising of your character level. By levelling up you can unlock abilities and items. The abilities range from Disguise to Smoke bombs, which are very helpful for evading and attacking the other players.

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knifefight3136d ago

Looking forward to this. Money is tight, so I may hve to wait and see if old Saint Nick is kind enough ;)

danelectro3135d ago

Not sure if its got enough to make it unique or will it just fade into the background like AvP did.

kevco333135d ago

Well, the big difference is of course that Assassin's Creed Brotherhood has a strong single-player component too. AvP was middling-at-best in both single- and multiplayer.