GK : EG Expo : Sony Move Heros Video

Game Kudos was at the EG Expo in London early Oct and got busy with the Sony Move.

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fungmi3141d ago

I have to admit the whip control with the Move looks like fun, wanna more of the game though.

gamekudos3141d ago

I think it was one of the harder core games where they tried to use the Move a little differently.

fungmi3141d ago

I saw Socom at the Eurogamer if that's where you took the footage, it may good use of the controller but hardly call it innovative. I actually thought the Sports Champion stuff was a good show case.

Colossal_Red3140d ago

Out of all the Move games I have seen, Sports Champions and The Fight are the only two I would invest in.

gamekudos3141d ago

Socom was not one of my favorites I've seen it on a number of occasions, but Sony do want to push Move into their big franchises. We saw it for Killzone 3 being used quite effectively.

Colossal_Red3140d ago

In my opinion, Heroes on the Move looks a bit mediocre. I enjoy all of the characters featured, but a crossover is not what was needed.

gamekudos3140d ago

You could be right in saying that, though it would be interesting to see what they do with Rachet and the weapons he may or may have access to.

fungmi3140d ago

I'm reserving judgment