Gamercards For Your Desktop and PS3

What is TagPaper you ask? TagPaper is the latest innovation and newest feature on Now, thanks to TagPaper, you can take your standard PS3Tag and bring them to your desktop or PS3 through a new wallpaper style.

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ALI-G5051d ago (Edited 5051d ago )

rip offfffffffffff
this is not innvoation.this is RIP OFF

sony call it "ME TOO" strategy

EZCheez5051d ago

As soon as I saw the Warhawk wall paper though I knew I had to have it though. And the LBP wallpaper. I'm gonna try this out. If it sucks i'll let you guys know.

Vojkan5051d ago

I dont own 360 or PS3 so can someone explain me what is this? What is its purpose and how does it work?

snoop_dizzle5051d ago (Edited 5051d ago )

i am thinking it is somewhat similar t to the xbl tag so ill try to explain that.

The xbl tag is like your identity tracking all your achievements, gamerscore, and what games you have played, and your rep.

this can be useful sometimes if you want to know what your online friends are up to aside from what they are playing at the moment you see them online.

I am assuming it will somewhat similar minus the gamerscore.

ShiftyLookingCow5051d ago (Edited 5051d ago )

snoop said it better

NikV35051d ago

thats pretty cool, good idea to use it as a backround even though the idea for the gamercard was stolen from the 360, but hey, if companies didnt copy ideas in the video game biz it wouldent grow as fast as it has

Premonition5051d ago

Didnt Xfire have this feature first?

EZCheez5051d ago

Thank goodness they do copy each other. Competition fuels innovation as well. For example, I would not have Home to look forward to if XBoxLive wasn't around, so even though I don't have an XBox, I can still find a way to appreciate it.

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