Microsoft says Xbox Live will counter hacking efforts

Since the release of firmware modifications for the Xbox 360 console which allow the booting of backup copies of games, the sale of modified versions of the console in Korea have reportedly taken off. However, Microsoft has said it is confident that the DVD-ROM firmware hacks will be countered through Xbox Live updates and has downplayed the problem.

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BIadestarX5390d ago

Keep modding your 360 people; Microsoft will be more than happy to sell you another.

FreeMonk5389d ago

What will MS do if the console is not connected to Live!?

With so many games coming out recently without Live! support (Hitman: Blood Money, Oblivion, Dead Rising etc), what's the point of linking to Live!?

I don't agree with piracy one bit, but Korean are generally poor people, hence why they buy modified consoles, so what makes MS think they are going to pay for a Live! account to play online? They wouldn't need Silver because it doesn't do much!

BIadestarX5389d ago (Edited 5389d ago )

How about what Sony Do with the PSP games? They force you to update the system to the newest bios. All Microsoft has to do is ship the little Xbox 360 anti-hacker system buster on every new game. So as soon as you put the new game on the disk, you can see the smoke coming out. If you can't afford it; then you should not be playing it. So, if I can't afford to buy a car; that gives me the right to steal it? What kind of logic is that? I'm sure that there are other forms of entertainment which do not require stealing or doing something illegal. There are some things I can't afford that people will more money can; I have no right to use that as an excuse to steal or do something illegal to get it.


people who use mod chips and can't go on LIVE are missing out on the 360 experiance. they are the losers in this situation.

no halo 3 or gears for them!

DJ5389d ago

they don't need Live to play online. I use Xbox Connect to play Halo 2 against other people. It's free and pretty simple to use. Usually there's anywhere from 500-1000 people on at once which is pretty awesome. It even works for 360s. Once the 360 gets down to 299 (For the real SKU, not the empty one) then I'll probably just play with that. Better controller, wireless, and a hard drive. Yay. (and halo 2 in 720p!)

Granted, it might take another year to see that price point but it'll be worth getting Halo 3.

That's the site to download the program for free Xbox/360 online. =]

Marriot VP5389d ago (Edited 5389d ago )

somehow only 30 a year is well spent instead of fumbling around with other methods just for one game.

Say's you5386d ago

To easy to develope for game designers and even for the hackers as well,well that goe's to show thats why Sony made there's a little bit harder to understand so no hacker can hack there system I guess they wouldn't understand why Sony did the same thing with there PS2 duh unlike M$ they made there systems way to easy to be hacked.