Underwater Shooter Game Surfaces as Success

A creepy, underwater shooter game that refused to sink when publishers balked at its high development costs has turned into a success story, with "BioShock" getting glowing reviews and top sales.

"Honestly, we couldn't get a lot of publishers to sign up to spend millions of dollars to do a game," said Ken Levine, creative director for "BioShock."

It took a well-timed public relations move to give the game a chance.

"We sold a story to the press essentially that we were having trouble selling the game to a publisher. That story got so much traffic that the next day 'BioShock' was the best idea in the world for everybody," Levine said in an interview.

xCAPTSTONERB91x6138d ago

games cool cept u basically have ta be good cuzz if u harvest little girls u lose 100 gamerscore.......kinda gay

PS360PCROCKS6138d ago

well thank god someone pulled their head out and signed them up for this game.

TheMART6138d ago

PC Gamer UK: 9.5
OXM UK: 10
GameSpy: 10
Alternative Press: 10
Xbox World: 9.4
Gamers: 9.8
Gametrailers: 9.5
PCZone: 9.6
AP Mag: 10
Primotech 9
GameInformer: 10
Gamesradar: 10
Eurogamer: 10
Gamer.tv: 10
Console Gameworld: 9.9
1UP: 10
IGN: 9.7
TeamXbox: 9.5
Gamepro: 10
Computer & Videogames 9.5
Inside Gamer: 10-
ZTGameDomain: 10
EGM: 8
Wired: 10
Gaming Target: 9.7
G4: 10

MetalNCarnet6138d ago

where's the Gamespot score????????????????

Gamer136138d ago

Top class with amazing AI GraphicS gameplay sound everthing is top class.

IM OUT...///"""

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