Medal of Honor's developers are out of their depth

"For all their talk of creating a propaganda free game, EA has demonstrated with MoH that they are unable to marry big budget titles with current events in a mature way." writes NGG's Dylan Young.

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Game-ur3136d ago

At least they tried, with issues like these their never is ideal position.

dangert123136d ago

EA can i just think 'Danger close' are meh and DICE clearly have there head in Battlefield 3 and BFBC 2

foss33136d ago

the single player was fun but overal meh. the multiplayer by dice however has surprised me by how fun it is and how well it's presented. that said i'm more looking forward to battlefield vietnam DLC.

xGet_In_There3136d ago

Are you kidding me? The multiplayer is horrible. It is a camper infested sniper shit game. I played the single player twice because MP was so bad. May end up just going back to Battlefield. DICE fucked this MP up.

xGet_In_There3136d ago


couldn't agree more. BFBC is a MUCH MUCH MUCH better MP experience than their "new" game. You can clearly tell they were in a hurry and are more worried about Battlefield 3. Besides some minor glitches I think Danger Close did a good job on the SP. I liked the story and felt "real".

ReservoirDog3163136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

I think they did a good job from a mature standpoint. They gave full* credit and love to soldiers. There was nothing offensive about it.

r0gueZA3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

pompous, shite article!

morganfell3136d ago


The lead in for the article should say,"

"....writes 17 year old MW2 fan Deylan Young who has the mental depth of the kiddie pool and not a clue about game development."

theonlylolking3136d ago

I think danger close should have done the whole game. I wish I could slide in multiplayer and have the same feel of gameplay I get in story mode

Soldierone3136d ago

Totally agree and I think EA should of tossed more time to them too.

ReservoirDog3163136d ago

Yeah I missed the slide and peaking mechanics. Was weird at first but I would've loved it in multiplayer.

Wii360BeatsPS33136d ago

They all want to be where COD is, all pretenders who will never make it.

COD owns Battlefield, MoH and every other FPS out there, and it also has time to own all the haters.

The numbers do the talking, the haters and the competition are IRRELEVANT. Even when they add monthly charges to COD it will STILL dominate all other FPS. And you bitch and moan because you know this is the truth and you can't handle it.

Trunkz Jr3136d ago

Or maybe your a fanboy (CoD owns Battlefield? lool)

To me, I think MoH tried and did "okay" and thats about all, but if Call of Duty tried to make their own Battlefield, I don't think they'd be able to compete with Battlefield series either.

CoD does what it's good at, Arcade style of FPS INF battles.
Battlefield does what it's good at, Arcade style of war INF + Vehicles.

MoH did not do great at what it tried to be - a realistic version of CoD but too much of it's game still didn't fly and ends up 7.5 which is good but not enough - If they make a MoH2 then they need to listen to the community much more so.

jjank113136d ago

yea, MoH was sold as a more tactical and realistic FPS but it does not really hit that idea straight on. It is very hit and miss. Especially when it is almost next to impossible to have teamwork in the game, people end up playing it like COD and it fails. MOH is more or less a poor mans version of BC2.

It does succeed in outdoing COD in gameplay though. COD is old and outdated. its pretty much the same since COD4.

morganfell3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

So mass numbers matter? The few people that fought to escape Jonestown were wrong and the 900 that drank the Kool-aid were right? There is a name for such people. They are called sheep.

Broad based skill that is a requirement for BC2 outright owns COD.

Take your little COD twitch shooting and come run Arma II and Arrowhead on our server and see how long you last.

As for MoH, they are working on it. It has been great so far, much better than COD4 or MW2. Patrick Liu just announced they are spinning up the first console patch to adjust the sniper abilities.

Soldierone3136d ago

"even when they add monthly fees, it will still dominate"

Yeah if every COD fanboy has their head up their ass like this then it will. In that case actual gamers will not put up with it and find other games to play. Numbers do the talking if your not a real gamer.

Weather3136d ago

. . .so swell, can't wait.

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