Attack of the Fanboy - First Fallout: New Vegas review

Attack of the Fanboy writes: "You know that old saying if it ain't broke don't fix it? Obsidian, the developer in charge of Fallout New Vegas took this and ran with it. Much if not all of what made Fallout 3 great remains intact in this latest tale from the wasteland. The games craftsmanship is an art in itself as the new locale, The Mojave Wasteland, gives the gamer as much a sense of place as Fallout 3 did(if you can forget for a second all about Fallout 3). The game main story line is accompanied by obscure yet intriguing side quests and subplot"

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HellsJanitor5022d ago (Edited 5022d ago )

Still going to be a day one purchase for me.

goosepoose5022d ago (Edited 5022d ago )

i dont know who they are.

edit: damn....i read the review. i was expecting a plasmastation review. the complaints seem valid. oh no....this review will probably be better than ign's review. oh god, i was going to buy this game. stupid review. its like finding out the girl you about to have sex with had sex with guys from chatrooms.

and YES i know, i should play the game myself. bla bla.forgive me, but i either buy food or games. not both

toaster5022d ago

"food or games"

You reeeally need to get your priorities straight.

Cloudberry5022d ago

Highly not recommended.

falloutx5022d ago (Edited 5022d ago )

This reviewer clearly says he didn't like Fallout 3, Well I loved Fallout 3 and i think i'll love this too.
This is a poorly rushed review just for the sake of being the 1st Fallout New Vegas reviewer.

Matthew945022d ago (Edited 5022d ago )

^^ actually the reviewer says he loved fallout 3

"Much if not all of what made Fallout 3 great "
"it's all pretty much the same as Fallout 3. So what's not to love?"
"Fallout New Vegas' story just never hit home with me the way that Fallout 3's did."

He like the game but says the plot wasn't as good, the engine is a bit dated and there are tons of glitches like the last one.

grailly5022d ago

I'm a big Fallout 3 fan, but I didn't think it's story was great either, it didn't really have one. which means that what we're getting is more or less the same thing as fallout3, that's good enough for me

knifefight5022d ago

Obsidian Entertainment commented on this:
"This website did NOT receive a review copy of the game, and I can reassure you this website has not played the full version of this game. It is merely a pre-judged opinion of previously seen footage and should not, at ANY COST, be taken seriously as an ACTUAL REVIEW."

Then go read the text + look at the pics and yeah, everything is pretty vague and there's nothing really specific that proves he played the game in full.

DMason5022d ago

The only reason this crap site gets reviews out before other sites is because they play pirated games.

Matthew945022d ago

where did you get that quote from, give a link

Obsidian commented "knifefight made up a quote about us in order to prove his point."

MeatyCarling5022d ago

I don't think it's important whether the reviewer actually played the game or not (let's face it there are ways to get games before they are released). The key thing is that this is just one persons opinion and the things that annoyed him about the game other people will most likely love. Personally I don't care what the reviews say as I would rather trust the fact that there has already been 3 good games in the series and I'm pretty sure that with the amount of money and effort they've put into it this one will be just as good.

HolyOrangeCows5022d ago

I hope Bethesda sends this stupid hits-hungry site a take-down notice.

DORMIN5022d ago


I dont get why people click on these sites, you guys really think a small game journalist with have their review up before a big name?

Moonboots5022d ago (Edited 5022d ago )

Yup the reviewer says he didn't like Fallout 3 and I thought it was amazing.. I'm going to go ahead and just assume the opposite of everything this review said. 3/5 seems like a slap in the face and will be interesting to see what other sites with an actual name and reputation for themselves score it.

Interesting Obsidian has now noticed.

SonyPS3605021d ago

Another irrelevant website scrambling for the early review. Nothing new here.

frostypants5021d ago


Another Bethesda game that plays just like every f*cking game they've made since 1995. With all the glitches intact.

P.T. Barnum was right.

Amplitude5021d ago (Edited 5021d ago )

"OMG! Your comment started off interesting and then you just exposed yourself as the same troll half-wit you come down on N4G about.. Saying a big o pile of pure BS like that.. Allow me to knock you off your high horse. Your own post proves the opposite of what you are typing. I hope that was heavy sarcasm."

K, allow me to explain this. You guys are smart.

<From my post>
"If you would have said [while using big words to sound smart] "But, the PS3 version will probably be a thousand times better cause of the processor, so im gonna play it anyway on my PS3 as an F U to 360 fans! It only does everything" at the end of the paragraph, then you would have gotten at least 30 people to agree"

I ended it with a PS3 fanboy post in an attempt to prove that you could get agrees by going off topic and ranting about the PS3 being good.
Apparently it didnt work and nobody got it. lol. kthx.

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-Ikon-5022d ago (Edited 5022d ago )

No way this game will live up to Fallout 3. Average game engine + crappy dev = mid 7 and 8 reviews. Game is going to be loaded with glitchs and bugs.

EDIT: @ Below. Yes crappy dev!! Sure Alpha Protocol was decent but only worth a rent not a buy. Seriously Obsidian is mediocre at best.

Muletroid5022d ago

i know its funny because its true lol
well i wouldn't say crappy but mediocre yes average yes etc etc

Blacktric5022d ago

I wouldn't say "crappy" too but look at their cycle. Bioware develops a great game (KOTOR, Neverwinter Nights), Obsidian takes charge of the sequel (KOTOR 2, Neverwinter Nights 2). Reviews pour in that says the same thing; can't live up to the first game. The same will happen with this too unfortunately. Yes there are guys from Black Isle Studios (Chris Avalone for example) but have you ever watch any of the Developer Diaries? Every one of them hyping how big The Strip is and what we saw is a small sh*tty reimagination of a post apocalyptic Vegas. I seriously hope otherwise to happen but I think the game will be mediocre at best and people who were bashing Bethesda for making Fallout 3 will start praising them.

callahan095022d ago

This is made by the Alpha Protocol developer? Uh-oh. That gives me a bit of pause about this one. You say "average game engine", does that mean this doesn't run on the Fallout 3 engine? The graphics look basically the same as Fallout 3 though. Seemingly. Anyway I just played Alpha Protocol for the first time last night, and I didn't like it at all. I'm not really sure what it was about it that didn't strike me, but just overall within about an hour I was feeling like it was a complete chore to try to play it. There was nothing identifiably wrong with it, just not much right either, just some undefinable feeling of a lack of polish. Never played any of their other games, though, so I dunno about them as a developer.

Gilliand5022d ago

And Fallout 3 wasn't loaded up with glitches and bugs?

callahan095022d ago

I am surprised at the disagrees I got. What do you disagree with? It's not like I said some fanboy crap. If you really liked Alpha Protocol, maybe you disagreed with me. And if that's you, then respond and tell me why you liked the game rather than disagreeing and leaving it be. I still have the game from GameFly and if you think it's a good game, tell me why so that maybe I go back and try it again before sending it back.

n to the b5022d ago

obsidian reusing same graphics engine with no updates - kotor2 and now new vegas. it's not just that though. it's the uninspired use of said graphical assets I'm worried about (just like kotor2). and the screens I've seen show some pretty average looking bits of environment...

then again I've loved my fallout3 even more than kotor. might still be worth a revisit to good ole V.A.T.S.