GameInformer: Mythbusting Halo Reach

GameInformer "Halo Reach has been out for a month already, but not all of its secrets have been uncovered yet. Did you know that you can pass through "one-way" shields with a carefully-placed assassination? Or that you can assassinate a player from their right shoulder but not their left shoulder?"

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chadwarden3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

that was pretty cool

Spydiggity3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

when you see the guy redirect the nade with the hammer or when the plasma launcher bullet sticks to a grenade...i don't see how you can deny that halo is in a class of its own

STICKzophrenic3137d ago

Halo has been doing stuff like that since at least Halo 3 (didn't play Halo 2 that much).

It's one of those things that is a "HOLY SH*T!! Did THAT REALLY just happen?" moments and you go back into Theater and watch that it really did just happen.

Rumbanana3137d ago

I wonder why every game doesn't have this kind of depth. Maybe some do, who knows? It seems easy for programmers to implement because every bullet, grenade, propeller, landmine, cone, shield has its own properties such as damage and mass. It shouldn't be that much work to make sure that everything works together in harmony. I wonder if anyone tried throwing a grenade into the propellers yet? Looks like good fun! Might invest in another Xbox this holiday!

AgentSnowman3137d ago

DefendTheHouse's mythbuster series is awesome! Can't wait to see more Reach and after that: Black Ops

Kingdom Come3137d ago

I was unaware you could explode unarmed Grenades before hand. Lucking forward to future episodes, very professional...

STICKzophrenic3137d ago

I can't recall if I've done it in MP or not, but I know I've shot the Plasma Grenades that Suicide Grunts are carrying and detonated them.

One of the many reasons Bungie is one of my favorite devs.

Mcardle3137d ago

Wow at some of the things Bungie has done in this game. But some seem like they should be fixed like the left shoulder right shoulder one.