Madden NFL 07: Preview

Here is a preview of the next Madden game for the Xbox 360.

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Zaskark55385d ago

HOPE its alot better than NCAA 07 because that sucked.

kewlkat0075383d ago (Edited 5383d ago )

Never liked madden, tried to get into it and I couldn't. I like the NFK 2K series untill EA bought it out.(them punks) Funny how when they sense competition they do this Sh!t....grr

Madden is at a point where they keep adding all this useless crap to the game and you go out and buy it every year. don't you ge tthe feeling they have reached the milestone with Extras in Madden? Why don't they just upgrade the rosters and come out every 3 years or something. I just wanna play a football game. back to TECMO for me...