PCMag: Medal of Honor: The Single Player Review

PCMag writes: "Medal of Honor ($59.99 direct) has been plastering its ads with the notation that this game has been made in collaboration with real soldiers. Most likely to make up for its controversial move to let players take on the role of the Tailban or the, now, "Opposing Force" in multiplayer mode. Unfortunately, the Taliban controversy proved more intriguing than the game itself, as it lacks in the engaging story and gameplay found in its chief rival, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare."

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SMW3144d ago

Seriously, can someone post a youtube video of these scripting events that wont trigger? I was looking for them and didnt see any during the whole game. As long as you dont stand absolutely still the game progresses fine.

Also can some one post a video of the game being played on medium setting or above where the enemy DOESNT try to flank you and move around? Seriously.

I reckon any reviewer who gave this game a low score played it on easy.

Pro. And by pro I mean lame.