2010 Year on Year Sales and Market Share Update to October 9th

Xbox 360: UP Year on Year this week by 13k. UP Year to date 24.04%

The PS3 Vs. 360 gap has closed thanks to adjustments, but it's still the market leader for the 16th consecutive week. With 3 lots of data to come before Kinect hits, X360 will likely be flat or slightly up for the rest of October. The X360 is also still on track to beat 2008 as its peak year.

Playstation 3: DOWN Year on Year this week by 86k. UP Year to date 15.75%

The PS3 also saw adjustments this week, but of the more favourable kind. Due to these the YoY increase didn't decrease much this week, but should continue to lose a steady 300k to 400k over the rest of October. With GT5 delayed it's doubtful this year's November sales will match last years, but should still hang onto a YoY increase before GT5 finally hits.

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Menudo3137d ago ShowReplies(4)
All_4_One3136d ago

I`m surprised to see the PS3 is still ahead by over 500,000 units over the 360 this year considering the 360 had the slim and Reach. Of course, we can`t be sure how accurate these numbers are.

Anon19743136d ago

When you look at the official numbers from each company for the first six months, the PS3 was ahead by 1.6 million consoles. Even if you believe VGChartz numbers between then and now, the difference is about 800,000, leaving the PS3 ahead still by 800,000 consoles for the year.

But this is VGChartz. I'm not going to go on another rant about how inaccurate they've proven - everyone knows, but consider this. VGChartz lately seems to be overtracking the 360 by 20% and undertracking the PS3 by 10%. If this trend holds true then this past quarter should see the PS3 and 360 literally neck and neck for the July-Sept quarter meaning the PS3 would still be up about a million and a half consoles going into the holiday season.

I guess we'll find out in 10 days or so when each company reveals their data for the quarter. I suspect that the 360 will have slightly edged out the PS3 this past quarter - but already we're seeing the price cut effect of the 360 disappearing in the US. Up 118% year over year in July, then 65% in Aug, then 37% in Sept. The spike from the price cut might be over already as we speak.

SyphonFilter3136d ago

darkride,when the quarter results are in i think it's going from 3.6 to 2.5.

Moonboots3136d ago

It's simple.

Because they are not.

You can type a novel but it doesn't make it any more wrong.

gamer81793136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

"VG charts is fake". Then stop coming into these articles then. You sound like a fucking broken record. Untill you provide proof, stfu

shazui1233136d ago

There's proof above you! what more do you need!?!?!??!?!?!!?!?!

saint_seya3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

so, u only said what u think about the other guy and then told him to stfu, but not comenting nothing about the charts or anything related to the article, and u think ure acting better than him.. o.0

SyphonFilter3136d ago

no need for proof,it's me proof it's real then.