Machinima Respawn YouTube Account Suspended?

Bryce Wilson of Ripten Gaming Blog: "In a surprising move, YouTube has suspended one of the most popular YouTube channels today; Machinima Respawn."

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getonmylev3l2927d ago

I would like to hear these severe violations they've committed.

StanLee2927d ago

Same. It seems the channel is back up but without any videos. Did they post videos of the Black Ops internal beta that has been floating around the internet and being promptly removed by Activision?

Millah2927d ago

Yes, Activision demanded all this because they posted the leaked Black Ops videos.

r1sh122927d ago

hahah..Yea Im sure thats the reason, but doesnt anyone think that machinima keeps posting the same thing over and over again.
I swear at one point every commentary on there was the commentator complaining how bad MW2 is, but they could have just jumped on a different game rather than making us suffer through 10 minutes of complaining

HolyOrangeCows2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Oh no! Who will repost old game trailers, "funny" game videos, and boring commentaries onto Youtube now?!?!?

Oh right....a million other people.

MyUS_ARMY_CPTRespect2919d ago

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Pandemic2927d ago

How is this gaming news?

xino2927d ago

because the site is gaming related!

if IGN close down, would you call that a gaming news?

radphil2926d ago

"if IGN close down, would you call that a gaming news?"

I'd call it a blessing.


Sandwich Bender2927d ago

I like that they're "working with Youtube to resolve the issue" of being terminated for breaking rules. That's a big issue.

Drjft2927d ago

Hopefully this will get resolved.

dkblackhawk502927d ago

Machinima Head: Listen, we will pay you X amount of bucks for this to go away
YouTube CEO: Fine....

MK24ever2927d ago

you know Google owns youtube right?... you think you can just bribe google CEO's?... You probably can, if you're one of the richest men alive.

Beahmscream2927d ago

Woah... What exactly are the violations?

Pandamobile2927d ago

Oh wow, I work for Machinima and I end up hearing this news from N4G...

xAlmostPro2927d ago

work FOR in the office or one of those not so big channels that make mw2 commentaries and has a machinima contract? lol

SoSLy2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I work for Machinima too. I also work for Gametrailers and IGN. /s

Ur either one of the unknown random commentators who does commentaries just to be famous or your a fraud claiming to be "working for Machinima"

Pandamobile2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I'm a content director, meaning I make the Machinima, they upload it, and pay me. Is that so hard to believe?

No, I'm not one of those people who just films a MW2 match and gives a shitty commentary, trust me, I dislike those people just as much as you do.

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