List Of $39.99 And $49.99 Priced Upcoming Xbox360 Games

Apparently we will now get the prices of games along with their release dates when we get our lists. To that end, we have complied a list of the $39.99 and $49.99 priced XBox360 games that are upcoming for those of you who are price conscious. Click the link for the original list images.

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2tired2day2hate5389d ago

i'm not really excited about any of these games, but seeing ms put 15 games out for $50 or less is very encouraging

HOLIDAY BB5389d ago

I agree with 2tired. These are not highly anticipated block buster games, who cares. I must say fusion fenzy interest me, but 49.99? if you want to excite me, place Gears of War and Saints Row on the 39.99 list.

The Snake5389d ago

Fuzion Frenzy is a guaranteed buy for me, but since it's first party, I already knew it would be $50. Other than that, nothing really interests me, but you know Viva Pinata's gonna be pretty big as it's targeted to the younger crowd.