Sony PlayStation 3 vs Gaming PC

As a response to an article published by Softpedia News a few days ago one of our readers has dropped a few lines. The question was if the PC can compete with new generation gaming consoles. Here is his opinion:

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deadreckoning6663138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Wow, what a title. The SDF are most certainly gunna fill this one up. I'll be the first to say that this is an unfair comparison. High-end PC's pwn consoles as far as technology and raw power is concerned. However, in the end, its all about the games you wanna play.

@PS3ROCKS- lol, bubbles

"You just HAD to say SDF right? Thats gonna start something....."

I wasn't trying to start anything...just telling the truth. If a certain "group" on this site is too immature to look past it...thats not my problem.

PS3ROCKS3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

And if I could connect them together I would own PC. Ok bye

8800gtx3137d ago

I own da PS3 or any other console for that matter :P


captain-obvious3137d ago

i got a PS3 and a PC
and i love both

but i need a better graphics card for my PC and thats all
the one i got right now i kinda old now so yah

ExplosionSauce3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Yes, we all know PC can achieve incredible graphical levels with resolutions up of 5000p and 4D capabilities.

Seriously though, why the need to compare?
We know PCs are more powerful than consoles. I game on PC every now and then, but are the PC super-fans so insecure that they have to show up all the time and remind us all their power?

(Sorry about mini-rant :P )

imvix3137d ago


A friend of mine had the following setup:

Pentium 930d (its a 6yr old cpu which is dual core and runs at 3ghz).
4gb ram
6800 nvidia gpu (this is also about 6 years old its 1 gen behind the tech in the PS3 the RSX).

He was on a tight budget so i recommended him to just upgrade the GPU. He got himself a 4850 for 50usd (this is pretty last gen too).

Anyways with that small upgrade the 6yr old PC is now playing games like Badcompany 2 in 1080p 45-50fps. Not bad at all for a 6yr old machine, it beats out any of the current consoles.

evrfighter3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

"Yes, we all know PC can achieve incredible graphical levels with resolutions up of 5000p and 4D capabilities."

that's right bow down.

As a pc gamer with a 360 and a ps3. My 360 is hooked up to one of my monitors. My ps3 used to be hooked up to another one but since it just sat there collecting dust. I now use that empty space to put my coffee

actually Explosion you'll find that pc gamers dust their hardware quite often. I'm one of them. My ps3 collects dust without the intention of me ever dusting it if that says anything.


technicalities are my best friend

ExplosionSauce3137d ago

"collecting dust"?

All systems collect dust!
You don't move them around when you play them.
For example, I play the Wii all the time and it still collects dust.
Yeah that's right! I got technical on yo ass :)

ShinMaster3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

For some reason, the more games the PS3 gets, the more dust it collects to some of these people that claim they have a PS3s.
Yeah sure you guys do.

Sarcasm3137d ago

I used to do most of my gaming on the PS3 but have since moved onto the PC. Although I still play some of the games I have like BFBC2 and Uncharted 2. The 360, I occasionally turn it on once in awhile to see if it's still working. The Wii, it's collected a nice thick coat of dust accumulated for the past 2 years.

Steve_03137d ago

Really? A high end PC that costs many times more than a PS3 is capable of better graphics and higher resolutions? Wow, that is a startling revelation that I've only become aware of right now!
Sure sucks that PC gamers can enjoy games like Uncharted 2, MGS4, GT5 and God Of War 3 with much better graphics than we can...

... Oh, wait...

Substance1013137d ago


You dont need a highend PC to beat a PS3. 400usd PC will be enough. In fact the higher prices of PS3 games ensure PS3 is much more costly then the PC in the long run.

If PS3 has exclusives, so does the PC and dont forget 95% of games are multiplats, Guess which platform runs those the best :P. Some multiplat releases may be present on the PS3 but arent even worth counting.

RedDragan3137d ago

My PC would annihilate most PCs around here, and it is far more powerful than a PS3 but the PS3 trumps the PC in a few way that makes me use it more than my PC.

1 - It is a far better Media Center than any PC could try to be
2 - It can play GT5
3 - It can play GT5
4 - It can play GT5
5 - No Viruses
6 - No Malware
7 - No Spyware
8 - Impervious to outside hackers
9 - No Windows Operating System
10 - It can play GT5

That is why I prefer the PS3.

Rush3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

You get what you pay for a PC does a lot more then simply play games. The PS3 has 1 person the features of even a middle range PC in terms of what it can do.

I laugh at people that spout the PS3 motto "it only does everything" makes the look like an epic retard.

I mean the PS3 is fairly limited, people go OOO the web browser the the browser is fucking terrible. The browser on my Iphone puts the PS3 browser to shame.

And considering the Iphone 4 is much weaker then an PS3 there's no excuse for how shit the PS3 browser is.

So I basically remove that as even a feature so really the only thing the PS3 does is play a limited media selection and games.

@Above can the PS3 play GT5, no it can't epic retard.

Weather3137d ago

Remove 2, 3, 4 and 10. Ps3 cannot play games that are not out yet. Well, not yours anyway

ABizzel13137d ago

A moderately up to date gaming PC is better than any of the consoles. It'll have a comparable or better processor, at least 4GB of RAM, a better graphics card, and the game will load off the HDD.

The consoles are great, but it's been 4 years so there have been 2 upgrades on PC hardware while the consoles stay the same so comparatively speaking a PC and console may be on par during the launch of the console, but inevitably the PC will surpass it as newer parts and tech come out for PC.

karl3137d ago

pc games dont have blu ray... enough said ...

pc will always be more powerful than ps3.... but graphically their games will be pull down by the 360.. while ps3 exclusives have no common denominator..

even if u take graphics appart ... blu ray keeps being the reason why ps3 will have the best games...

pc will keep using DVD for a while

DeeBee3137d ago


Sorry, ok, I think I've stopped laughing. Were you serious? You do know that consoles stream the data off of the discs right? So the PS3 having blu-ray means more data blah blah blah. The PC doesn't need to steam data from the media it uses since it's all installed onto the hard drive. So "pc games dont have blu ray" is totally silly and saying

"blu ray keeps being the reason why ps3 will have the best games"

Again blu-ray is a storage medium, for the likes of consoles it makes a difference since the higher capacity means more data etc. But this doesn't apply to the PC since all data is pulled off of the hard drive. I have a 1TB hard drive, using your backward logic, since my games are played from the hard drive which is some 20x the size of one of your blu-rays, doesn't that mean my games will always be the best? Ok, I wasn't serious people, just showing the flaw in one fools logic.

"pc will always be more powerful than ps3.... but graphically their games will be pull down by the 360.. while ps3 exclusives have no common denominator.."

Now THAT is too funny, I can't even respond to that. I thought it would take an entire country to produce that amount of stupidity, and here we are presented with it by one single person! LOL

RedDragan3137d ago

I have seen PS3's playing GT5 in shows.

So you are what you called me!!! I am right, you are wrong! Deal with it!

karl3137d ago

thats really mature of u dude..
i can really see how hurtful my comment against your beloved pc was

dude.. how is it relevant that u have 1TB Hard drive
if the games keep coming in an 8gb DVD?

im suppose to be stupid but i think u havent check with your doctor yet

and seriously .. if u want to have a conversation thats ok.. but keep the insults to yourself..


AndrewRyan3137d ago

With 3 PS3's together I would still have triple RAM and a way better graphics card. This article is stupid btw. You can never compare PC's with anything since there is a wide range of options for pc, 1gb of ram, to 24gb of ram. Which one is being compared?

Syronicus3137d ago

And the price. You cannot beat the price of the PS3 and get the raw processing power that it creates and have the games it does as they look on any PC. Build me a PC that cost 300 bucks and then compare. In the end, the small deficit of graphical prowess in the PS3 compared to a gaming rig is not enough to make me spend more for a full rig. I have the GTX 275, 6 gig RAM, and an AMD Phenom II X4 3.4 GHz Processor in a computer that can run most games well and it still does not get the attention my PS3 gets.

DeeBee3137d ago


"dude.. how is it relevant that u have 1TB Hard drive
if the games keep coming in an 8gb DVD? "

Because that 8GB DVD contains compressed data, the data is uncompressed as it installs to the hard drive. Thus one 8GB DVD can uncompress to many times that amount of data (Dragon Age - Origins comes out at around 15GB). The relevance of a 1TB HD, well I was being sarcastic showing that the amount of space on the media where your game is stored is irrelevant to the quality of the game stored on it.

"i can really see how hurtful my comment against your beloved pc was"

Nah, not really, what you can see is someone who works in the IT industry trying to educate someone who clearly is misguided. I was going to say misguided into believing that size is everything, but that can't be true otherwise you'd be a PC fanboy and not a console fanboy.

BTW my "beloved PC" is a pain in the ass LOL I still game on it though, just like I game on my PS3 and (until it recently died) my XBox 360. I hold no one system above the other, each has it's strong points and weak points. Anyone who says otherwise is deluding only themselves :)

Take care, and thank you for your mature reply ;)

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Motorola3138d ago

You just HAD to say SDF right? Thats gonna start something.....
Also this is an opinion piece because the last words of the description on this site are "Here is his opinion.." *facepalm*

Silly gameAr3138d ago

...Man. What is your problem. Did you finally give up that PS3 to be a tool full time?

bustamove3137d ago

Yes deadreckoning...start an obvious FLAMEWAR with that SDF reference. It's sad that your comment is still here when you were starting something with that comment.

HolyOrangeCows3137d ago

"If a certain "group" on this site is too immature to look past it...thats not my problem"

And if you aren't mature enough to not say immature crap like "SDF", then that's YOUR problem.

FragMnTagM3137d ago

tell me what we should call the extremely loyal Playstation people. I think SDF fits pretty well, but if you have another term, please lets hear it.

There is definitely a group of "gamers" on here that can't stand anything that is not Sony. You are included in the group. The only positive things I have ever seen you say are for Sony.

I have a PS3, and it is a great machine, but I most definitely prefer my PC and XBOX over it. It is called preference. When I get on the PS3 I don't want to send ten text messages to my friends to get onto a game, nor do I want to call everyone on the phone that is just not practical for me.

When I sign into XBOX live, I start a party chat, invite some friends, we decide on a game, one person starts up the game and through the party chat window invites everyone in the party to the game.

Same goes for PC, I like Steam a hell of a lot more than PSN, as it is easier to use in my opinion as in more streamlined.

I know the PS3 is a powerful machine, it is just that the software for it seems to not be optimized for the hardware. For example, why the hell does it take so long to download stuff on it, and then have to install it after downloading, and then when you finally get it to run it has to update and that takes forever too. That same scenario on my XBOX or PC takes far less time. What gives?

I am not hating on the PS3 I love mine, but I can't stand you and the others that try to put the PS3 on such a high pedestal when IMO, it does not deserve to be "above" the other great choices for gaming. If anything all the platforms equal out in some way or another.

We should all be friends instead of putting each other down for our preferences. The PS3 is just a gaming console not god's gift to man. Treat it like such and we won't have these pointless discussions all the time.

Saladfax3137d ago

...and then we can all hold hands and sing Kumbayah while loving Mother Earth.

EvilBlackCat3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

PC is the only one who really does everything.

I spend 48% of my gaming time in a week playing PC, 31% on my xbox360, 16% in my PS3 and 5% on my DS Lite.

Redrum0593137d ago

its a freaking pc

i'll admit that i use it almost as much or equaly to my ps3
but for gaming specifically, its used very rarely. pc games dont appeal to me as much.

so for gaming i prefer my ps3 and 360
my pc is mainly for everything else.
rts's and mmos arent my thing ;)

HDgamer3137d ago

Lol, it's not doing one thing at the moment. Emulating ps3 games(exclusives). It's doing emulation of 360 exclusives and games.

Substance1013137d ago

Personally i dont care about the PS3 exclusives. Yes some of them are good. But lets get realistic here, they are 8hr games at best. Once you play them you are done with them, no replay value at all for the most of them.

Popular PS3 exclusives:

Uncharted series
Gow of war

I cant think of any other games i would really like to buy the PS3 for, both the above mentioned games are 8 hr experiences at best.

Yea the PS3 has killzone but thats your generic shooter PC has so many of those and they look much better. Even the Multiplat shooters on the PC look better then Killzone.

Bhai3137d ago

Well, thats your preference, not necessarily anyone else'.

-So yeah, LittleBigPlanet did wonders for me, have spend over 300 hrs. in creating and refining games and certainly PCs don't have any tool remotely as fun and accessible and physics rich as this. Also, LBP2 is coming up with gazillions more features.

-MGS4, frankly the most sound and aggressively complete gaming experience... straight 30hrs for completion, and it ain't a rpg at that.

-Heavy Rain, its a love-or-hate thing though what it brings to anyone's senses, and I mean anyone... lover or hater... simply anyone! is nothing less than pure bliss. You should try it seriously, its on PS3... ONLY!

-GT5, now I don't need any words for this one. PC can only envy to have this one. I still haven't unlocked all 715 cars from GT4, and GT5 is coming up with 1000+ more of those beauties soon for me to keep playing this FOREVER!, so yeah with weather fx, day-night etc. PC can only dream to have this one :)

-Uncharted, god of war3 you already mentioned, are industry leaders in their own account but yeah KZ2 and the upcoming KZ3 if you call 'em generic shooters, heh, well most of the world considers Crysis and STALKER to be the biggest generic shooters ever ;)

-Ratchet and Clank are the best platformers this gen, totally absent from the PCs!

-Infamous is the best-bits from GTA and Assassin's Creed combined in one, on top of that limitless hours of exploration and fun, Nah, not on PC :)

-Not to mention Resistance, Motorstorm, PSN games and the whole-loads of multiplatform titles... PC is pretty lacking in variety buddy, pretty lacking ;)

Substance1013137d ago


You got 2 whole genres missing on the PS3 MMO, RTS. While the PS3 does First person shooter its not even comparable to the First person shooters on the PC. If any system is lacking games its the PS3.

N4Great3137d ago

"substance" = poor misinformed donkey.

lack of games ? just check reality, gameranking, metacritic : it's way better than any other system since more than 3 years, no matter what you think.

imvix3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )


How is it better when its missing 2 whole genres? and fails to do a single first person in 1080p 60fps? not to mention no keyboard mouse support for the first person shooter means being handicapped.

Bhai3137d ago

MMOs will be coming to consoles but when they aren't here(as well as RTS), nobody misses them. They are strictly PC-ish games, next you'l say PS3 don't have explorer flash games, yeah, big deal ;)

Also where MMOs and RTS are mostly absent on consoles, I already mentioned fighting games(DOA, Mortal Kombat) like games and rich platformers are absent on PC. Street Fighter 4 has been released on PC but really, who cares?
Also RUSE is coming to PS3 as well! and AION, FreeRealms, DC Universe online are Sony's own developed or published MMOs, they'll be here any moment :)

The thing is, you've got some amazing games(exclusives) on PS3 or not??? you certainly have, and I don't think you'll be an avg PC loser fanboy who'd just say, I don't want PS3 just because it does not have a genre or 2 absent, games are there and they lead the market, open your eyes :)

-Your first answer is up there...
-2ndly, you're just whining like a loser who want to "put the PC as a platform up there!". C'mon, Dirt on PC runs @60fps and 1080p, does it make it a better game or more featuristic game than GT5? Nah!, yeah I know ;)
You're just playing the same old resolution game, having more RAM and memory to put out better resolutions is all what PC does for games, but it does that with a huge price right ;)
Give those resources to PS3 and it will burn the photorealism down, but give PS3's resources to PC and it'll just burn itself to even run Doom-3 Haahaahaha!
-Your 3rd comment about kb/mouse is also a preferance thing, most people who play COD on PC with mouse turn to jpad on consoles, it just suits more there. Also PS3 has that support for several games. If people had needed it for all games, there would've been an outcry. There isn't any, still COD and MOH sells in millions on consoles, you see that as 'handicapped' in any way, your vision is 'handicapped ;)"!

HellsJanitor3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

He could have a different opinion on games.

Starcraft II's editor is 100 times better than Little Big Planet.

PC has racing sims. GT5 is very impressive but no reason to buy a console. Many people prefer arcade racers too.

No shooter is anything special. I love it when people act like Uncharted is some holy shrine. I play Halo, Gears, Crysis, Fallout, Borderlands and STALKER but I don't sit there thinking I'm hot stuff because of it. Like all shooters is just another shooter in a never ending sea of shooters.

Heavy Rain or MGS4, sure there good but I'm sure I'll be fine watching movies.

Mario is definitely still on top. Though I prefer games like Mirror's Edge, Portal or Assassin's Creed to platformers these days. I can't wait for Brink and the SMART system.

I prefer an RPG with good combat system to a game like GoW.

Infamous is just one of many open world games.

MarkyMarky3137d ago

How do you even come up with statistics for how much time you dedicate to one platform?

What do you do with the rest of your time?

HellsJanitor3137d ago

If you spen 100% of your week on video games when do you eat, sleep and use the bathroom? Also when do you find time to post on N4G or calculate play percentage?

stonedgamer3137d ago

pc does everything? can it make me a sammach?

Risky_243137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

I think that is self explanatory

EDIT: My bad, I think I double posted

Risky_243137d ago

@HellsJanitor I think that is self explanatory. You are looking for too much

Bhai3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

doublepost.. obviously something fishy with N4g 2day :)

Bhai3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

1. So does everyone else, though he stated his choice first, I merely iterated your exact words :)

2. Heh, in your dreams. Features, sheer ease of use, multiple game styles and cinema etc aside, SC2 can't even start to compare with LBP visuals and water physics etc. even being a 2 yrs old game. Moreover, LBP2 is bringing up insane grappling-hook and soft-body FX that are totally unprecedant :)

3. Again, my point of no PC sim being comparable to GT5 remains intact. So what if PC has 10 more of them, does any single 1 can compare to GT5? nah!
-While if you think no need to get a PS3 for it... "its your own feeble choice", not the choice of millions who certainly see it as the very reason to own a PS3 :)
-Also if most people like arcade racers, they are still both available on PC and PS3, what's the point in highlighting it only on PC? Are you simply blatantly proving yourself only anti-PS3?

4. Uncharted actually proved itself to be and even Substance101 claimed of its speciality above... moreover, it has been the overall GOTY for any platform for most of the critics as well. Its gfx+story+gameplay+physics+onl ine culminated in one, runs without any install. A pretty definitive shrine I'd say, anything like that on PC?

5. Thats basically my point. KZ2 was famous due to a gfx presentation in 2005, when the final game released it actually proved its CG quality visuals and slapped on the face of doubters. As in gameplay and story, it was clearly a better game than Crysis and Stalker. And Halo, Gears or Fallout, none of 'em could touch it graphically, so yeah, considering it was running off a 512mb RAM of a PS3, it was pretty hot :) Also now what KZ3 is bringing up and that 3D thing, thats a NEW for shooters... only on PS3 :)

6. Heavy Rain: OK its movie-like, you may like to watch a 1.5 hrs movie, but I think here everyone else is smarter than you for some reason and get to 'interact' with their movie which is also like 7-8 hrs long.... got the point?
-MGS4: This 30 hrs masterpiece has 2 hours of cutscenes and 28 hours of gameplay(5 times the length of halo, gears or even any of the PC titles), wonder why you 'd prefer to watch a 1.5 hr movie instead... are you not a gamer, or you may hate games???... ;)

7. Again, are you just frankly saying you are anti-PS3, as this topic was on comparison of PC-vs-PS3. Anyways, Mario remains too kiddy for me as well as all the people who prefer games on HD console/PC. Mario just can't shoot in a shooter way while being a platformer. So here with all the Marios around, most R&C games still won every best-platformer since first game, even with Prince of Persia around :)
Mirror's Edge, Portal, AC or Brink etc are all on PS3 as well, why mention again, are you missing the basic point of this discussion?

8. Your choice buddy, I like them both, I have them both types on PS3, I have option and variety to choose from, this tells something to ya? ;)

9. Yeah but infamous is exclusive, different, versatile(can't wall crawl in GTA, can't fly around in AC) and among the best. All else are multiplatform so again PS3 has more variety.

BeOneWithTheGun3137d ago

It doesn't do Uncharted, God of War or Gran Turismo. I love my ASUS but my PS3 gets a lot of use. Now, when I need to look at XVideos, YouJizz or XHamster, then yes, my PC rules them all.

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Aggesan3137d ago

I got a decent gaming PC with intel i5 processor and ati hd5850 graphics card and can max out most games graphics, but still I end up playing the PS3 more. It's just less buggy, way less cheaters when playing online and a more solid experience all over. I'll be playing Fallout: new vegas on the PC though, but with the constant mega load of exclusives comming to the PS3 it's no where close to start collecting dust.

Nihilism3137d ago

I have the answer to this question, it lies in my thread on the forums names Screenshot Thread.

Go take a look.

PS I just owned this MF thread and all PS3 fanboys, post a KZ2 screenshot for comparison so I can have a laugh.

N4Great3137d ago

You are just ridiculous.

always talking about resolution, when animation, art, texture, and games are far more important..

but you are playing the nose on a monitor, when most of the gamers today are playing in front of a 40" HDTV :)

Chris_TC3137d ago

A 40" HDTV? OMG! Wow, that is sooooooo big, especially when viewed from 6 feet or more. Geez, that's huge.

FYI: To match the size of 26" at 2 feet you'd need 78" at 6 feet. Doubling the distance halves the size.

zagibu3137d ago

Why is the dude in the article talking about much-outdated hardware? 6800 Ultra? That was like 6 years ago. Nowadays you get the same performance for 50$.

WengYong3137d ago

Sorry dchalfont, they dont have Killzone on PC. Maybe someday they will, then again someday they wont.

PC is better than PS3 of course, but piracy is killing yous. If it wasn't for piracy Super Street Fighter 4 would have been released on PC, but because all those cheapskate (not people who actually pay for proper versions) they lost out.

Graphics = awesome, piracy = crap

Bhai3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

...I've put up some gow3 pics in there with your PC shots in your thread. Watch 'em and try to laugh... actually I kept laughing at your PC picturs, consider they take 8x more resources to render than a PS3 but only look a little better, and not better at all in some cases. Poor PC!

Edit>>> Why disagree? go watch his thread he gave up there, I just owned his MF thread ;)

kneon3137d ago

I have Crysis maximum edition running on a high end PC connected to the same TV as my main PS3. I have yet to finish even the first Crysis game as I find it kind of dull.

As for the visuals, I'm not really overly impressed. Running at 1080p it only looks a little better than the best console games. There has never been a single moment in this game that really wowed me. I expect that if it were running on a high resolution screen then it would be more impressive, but the game is still lacking in so many other ways.

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DigitalAnalog3137d ago

The only thing you can actually compare them both to are the games. In fact, why not make a part 2 of this article and call it "Wii vs PS3"?

-End statement

JsonHenry3137d ago

I have a PS3 and a PC. And I am glad I have both. (plus my 360)

kneon3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

If you read the article it looks like it was written in 2005

"By the time the PlayStation 3 is released out in 2006"

Comparing it against todays PC is just stupid. I have an 12gb i7 920 with 5850 hooked up to my TV, it rarely get's used for games. I'm giving that one to my daughter and building a 12gb i7 950 with 5970 and I don't expect that one to be used for gaming any more than the current one. The PS3 is on 8+ hours a day

Sure you can have a PC that is many times more powerful than a PS3, but if the games you want to play aren't on PC then what's the point? That would be like owning a Ferrari but living on a tiny island with no roads.

DeeBee3137d ago

Very well said. Few people have said it so well, but you're right.

The PC is superior to all the consoles in every way possible, except for one, that one happens to be the most important of them all and it's GAMES. Yes the PC has tons of games, but the consoles are the ones that are getting some of the real good franchises these days.

And no I'm not a console fanboy, I game more on my PC than my consoles, I prefer to play the games I play on my PC, but I'm not deluded enough to believe that the PC has all the best games. If that were the case I wouldn't own a console at all ;)

kneon3137d ago

Right, too many people forget that it's the games that matter. When I used to play RTS and flight sims then the PC was it, nothing else comes close. I don't do that much anymore so my PC doesn't get much game time.

Keltik823137d ago

Just get the 5870. 5970 isn't that much greater for the price. 5870 is a damn good card.

Ilikegames763137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

I used that specs to render Cad drawings but with a different graphic card. Sometimes for photoshop and 3DS Max, it still can get pretty slow when rendering a complicated object.

kneon3136d ago


I haven't bought the video card yet so I may yet change my mind. And I'm in no rush so I may just wait until the rest of the 6xxx line is announced in November to see if there is something new worth considering, though it doesn't seem like it so far.


I've been using it primarily for photo and video processing but once my daughter gets it it will be photoshop and 3DS max. But she won't be doing anything overly complex so I expect it should be fine for her. If not then I guess I'll be upgrading again :)

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tacosRcool3137d ago

PS3 plus gaming PC rig = a super win

zeddy3137d ago

wouldnt it be great if you could upgrade your ps3 specs even if it was just a couple of gigs of ram.

skrug3137d ago

Pentium D 930 came out in 2006

i duno how you count but 2006 to 2010 =/= 6 years

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All_4_One3138d ago

It really just depends what games you want to play. I usually don`t like comparing an open platform (PC) to a closed platform (PS3).

Agent-863138d ago

I have both a gaming PC and a PS3; its the best of both worlds.

lastdual3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Can a modern gaming PC compete with 5-year-old hardware? The only logical answer is YES. And really, the question should be the other way around.

We can argue that it's about what games you want to play rather than hardware power, but that's a moot argument. The PS2 also had great exclusives, so why not ask "Can a gaming PC compete with the PS2?"

Yet we don't ask that. Why? Because it sounds ridiculous, just like the title of this piece. If it's just about your favorite game(s), then such comparisons are pointless in the first place. I might as well declare that no platform can compete with the SNES.