Over 16,000 Years Spent Playing Halo Reach So Far And Other Terrifying Stats

Okay, Halo Reach is popular. Everyone gets that. But how often do you get to see a game's popularity quantified in such stark figures? Yesterday Bungie revealed that in its first month of release, gamers have already spent 16,445 years of total time playing Halo Reach.

This stat comes with a bunch of others in Bungie's most recent Weekly Update. Among the other astounding numbers:

-784 million player-games have been played (each game is counted once per player)
-544 billion in-game credits have been earned
-about 4 million screenshots have been uploaded
-almost 6 million total files have been uploaded

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Emmettcelticfan3142d ago

Ask yourself?
How much of your life have you spent gaming, how many enemies have you killed in all the games you have played, how many racing laps have you done, headshots, total bullets fired. the list goes on I would love to know the exact amount of time i have spent gaming in my life

ddurand13141d ago

I wouldnt. but you know what they say.

Time enjoyed wasting, is not wasted. And for anyone that thinks asher roth said that first, end yourself.

captain-obvious3141d ago

i wonder whats the time PPL Spent Playing counter strike from the day it was out tell now

Anon19743141d ago

I finally sat down and took crack at Halo Reach's campaign last night and I think Halo 3 had a better single player. Better story, more iconic characters - and I just think Halo Reach has played it too safe. Aren't these pretty much all the same weapon's and upgrades I had 2 Halo titles ago? I remember when they threw in the sword and active camo - that changed things up. It was fun. The dropshield - that was cool and added something new to the strategy. This game - what have they added? A covenant version of the shotgun and rifle? I guess I was just expecting more. Something different than just "Hey! Here's a big energy gun! You've never seen that before!"

And I miss the missions inside the Halo rings - and the flood. I don't know. This whole game just doesn't seems less Halo and more sci-fi shooter I've played dozens of times. Anyone else feel a bit let down by the campaign? Not trolling or anything, and I'm still enjoying Halo Reach as I've always been a big Halo fan - I just liked Halo 3 more.

-Alpha3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

I remember seeing the flood for the first time Halo CE. Very scary.

But this is Reach, I don't think the Flood was known up to that point.

Also, they added Armor Abilities. That's the big thing, and that does change things up. So if you were happy seeing Camo+Sword, why don't you feel the same way with AAs?

I liked the campaign. Not the best, but I thought it had a decent variety, and it was fun and intense. I was satisfied as far as campaigns for shooters go.

Never finished Halo 3's, so I guess I can't comment, but of course 3 had more iconic characters. It had the ability to establish itself in 3 games. Reach is a prequel, it's supposed to be a blank slate, but even for me, who doesn't know much about Halo besides the basics, enjoyed seeing the connections to other games. I loved how the ending *SPOILERS*

connected to the beginning of Halo CE.


It actually left me with a feeling of sadness once I finished the game, something I don't feel in shooters.

secksi-killer3141d ago

why am i not surprised that you was "let down" by reach..tut tut

i respect peoples opinions when they have "unbiased" opinions, but when i read anti-anything-xbox stuff wrote by you.. i just dont trust what you say! sorry.

anyway, i thought the campaign was good. not great but not bad. but, it certainly aint up to the greatness of halo ce campaign.

but the multiplayer is something else entirely. bungie went out with a bang there. although i aint sad to see bungie hand over the reins, i thought that bungie were lazy this gen by not building a new engine. i would like to see them make a new halo in the future

Steve_03141d ago

I've often thought about that, but not limited to gaming. How sick would it be if when you die a nice stats board came up saying : you've slept with 106 women you dog!
or - Trophy! Ran over 1 million miles in your lifetime!
I used to be a swimmer, and at my peak I'd swim 15 hours and 50 kilometers a week. That adds up to 32.5 days and 2600 kilometers a year. I'd like to know how far I've come exactly.

Gears_of_War_33142d ago

in Cod 4 i killed 74K people i died 30K ... yes im pretty beast at Cod and Halo.

On Reach i killed 10K died 6K.

On Hlao 3 i killed 36K.

On Geats 1 i had 3.0 K/D Seriously Achievement.

So much time spent playing , Fortunely im bodybuilder so i aint fat :D

Akagi3141d ago

I never assumed that you were fat, but now that you mention you are a body builder, I don't quite believe you are skinny.

Any, one topic, Reach is the best MP experience you can get on 360. Love it.

Downtown boogey3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Gears 2!!!
As a PS3 gamer, the only thing I want to do on the 360 is to play split-screen Horde <3


I hear Hlao and Geats are pretty kewl

jc485733141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

O.o (get a life?) Do we really need to dedicate so much time to just one game?

theonlylolking3141d ago

If you live to 65 years old playing a little over 50hrs a week is about/less than .1% of the hours you would be living.

-X-3141d ago

the only games that can beat that are the CoDs.......

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