Is The Next Elder Scrolls Game An MMO?

Bethesda's popular fantasy series, Elder Scrolls, seems destined to move into the MMO space eventually, but could that inevitable online extension be the next game in the series?

This latest rumor comes via the sleuths at System Link, who did some digging into the job openings at ZeniMax, Bethesda's parent company. The article notes two job openings in particular: a quest designer at Bethesda Game Studios and a content designer at ZeniMax Online Studios.

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Motorola3137d ago

Quest designer? That doesnt mean MMO. If you played oblivion you should KNOW there are over 100 quests including the free DLC on the PC..... Maybe they need variety

JsonHenry3136d ago

And using ID TECH 5 engine too. :)

MasFlowKiller3136d ago

I think Elder Scroll is a great solitary adventure.
I dont know how well it would translate going MMO.
It would not be an Elder Scroll game.

Please do not make it an MMO

RedDragan3136d ago

Co-op would be welcome, MMO would not!

Raikiri3137d ago

Oblivion should stay as it is and add multi-player,

If it goes full-blown MMO it won't stand a chance against GuildWars 2 or WoW

Even WoW will have some trouble with GW2

morventhus3137d ago

lol GW2 AND WOW wont be able to stand up to blizzards other mmo there creating XD...

yah thats right blizzard decided to create another mmo.. on a new IP just cause they wanted wow to have some competition....

Sayai jin3136d ago

I agree. Elder Scrolls is a good series. I hope Bethesda gets back to the Morrowind style game play. While still a great game, it seems they kind of simplified the game with Oblivion.

Myze3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

I am greatly looking forward to Guild Wars 2, and it looks amazing so far. However, I have no idea why you would think WoW, or Blizzard's next MMO, will have any trouble with GW2. The Old Republic, if it turns out to be a well made game, will be far bigger competition, simply because of the developer and subject matter.

As for the topic, I wouldn't be surprised if it was an MMO. Oblivion seemed to be heading in that direction anyway. It almost seemed like an offline MMO (in a manner of speaking). I hope the next game is far more story focused and less about loot and scenery, and not an MMO and more like Morrowind, or even something new (and get rid of the awful leveling system and implement the fan made one).

n to the b3136d ago

"[Elder Scrolls] should stay as it is and [not] add muli-player."


-Ikon-3136d ago

Unless they drastically change the combat this game wont be an MMO. Oblivons combat is bland and very basic

xAlmostPro3136d ago

agreed, oblivion as it is with multiplayer would be pretty much perfect xD

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lashes2ashes3137d ago

it has been rumored for a couple years about bethesda making a elder scrolls mmo. i really hope it is just a rumor

zaz123137d ago

I hope they keep the main series as it is and make a spin-off MMO

dkgshiz3136d ago

But I would rather have the entire Bethesda team working on ES5. That way it will get here quicker and would over all be a better experience. If its an mmo though I'm going to puke.

wwm0nkey3136d ago

If they combine all the lands from TES it will be a MASSIVE MMO

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The story is too old to be commented.