Sony Saudi Gamer's Day ( Video interview )

Mr. Kader -Head of Playstaiton Saudi Arabia is telling us about Gamers Day Saudi Arabia in Riyadh and what is shown in it. and the latest from Playstation Saudi Arabia

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Winter47th3144d ago

Sony's support for the region is pretty solid, Microsoft should move in already and support it at least with LIVE.

btw Google.Translate is blocked in KSA so an alternative link would be appreciated.

NAGNEWS3144d ago

its nice to see how SONY try's to share their games to to the whole world :)

Agree = you can be in the gamer's Day
Disagree = your a douchebag, go play reach

Bigbangbing3143d ago

can I agree and disagree at the same time? :P

I play Reach and I attended the gamer's day.